Have Hope

February 23, 2012
By romancejunky1998 SILVER, Cornubia, Other
romancejunky1998 SILVER, Cornubia, Other
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She scanned the sky, nope no hero’s going to fly in pick her up and take her away from this place. Now that she’s ruled out being saved she crawled under her desk and tried to block out the screaming downstairs. She pulled her legs to her chest and rested her forehead on her arm. A hand started patting her hair, she didn’t realise she was crying until she lifted her head and saw her arm covered in tears. “Hush, hush calm down, Scarlet” a soothing, calm voice cooed. “Daniel” she sighed as she threw her arms around him. But way too soon Daniel leaped up, pulling Scarlet up with him grabbing her arm and pulling her towards the window “Wait, Danny where are we going?” Scarlet asked in a puzzled tone “Away” stated Daniel ‘Maybe there is a hero swooping in to save me’ She thought to herself

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