I'm Never Letting Go of Her

January 28, 2012
'Welcome to Bradley Airport!' The electronic sign read. My eyes scan through all of the signs.

"Baggage claim. I need baggage claim," I said as I found the sign pointing me to my right. My phone vibrated. It was her. I smiled.

'Hey beautiful, I landed I love you'

My heart skipped a beat. I brought AJ along with me to videotape me meeting my long distance girlfriend for the first time. She doesn't even know I'm going to be here. I'm supposed to see her at Cakettes later today, but I just couldn't resist. I found the right baggage claim to be at, right as my phone started to ring. I quickly answered it and I motioned AJ to start filming.

"Hello," I answered.

"Hey babe, I'm at baggage claim," She said. My eyes scanned the area. Maybe I was at the wrong baggage claim, I thought. But then, I saw her. Her blonde dreads were up in a bun/ponytail. Her blue eyes sparkled and lit up the whole room. Her 5' 2" cuteness was even more cute in person. My heart skipped several beats and I had butterflies all in my stomach. "CAE!" She says "Are you even listening to me?"

"Huh? What? Sorry. I was just thinking about finally meeting you," I said.

"I said that I can't wait to see you," She repeated. I took that as my cue to start walking towards her.

"Me either," I said as I got closer and closer to her. I had to control myself from throwing the phone and running up to her and kissing her.

"Well, I need to get my bags. I love you," She said. I hung up my phone and could see her looking at her phone. Waiting for me to call back, since she assumed that my phone dropped the call. I stood behind her, wrapped my arms around her waist, and said;

"I love you too, my Dulce Rosa," She turned around and started crying. I kissed her before she could do anything. I swayed with her as she help onto me and I held onto her.

"C-c-cae?" She asked.

"Nope. Just some stranger," I said as I kissed her again.

"You know what I meant," She replied as she playfully hit me. I gave her a look saying 'who? me? what did I do?' She got up on her tip-toes and kissed me on my nose. I blushed and giggled.

"Attie?" I said

"Yeah?" She replied as she nuzzled into my boobs.

"All of our fights and break-ups and tears, were totally worth it. I would trade this day for anything," I said as I kissed the top of her head.

"Me either," She replied as we kissed again and walked out to my car hand in hand.

I am never going to let go of her.

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