Truth Reveals

February 15, 2012
By Julianne_H. GOLD, Highland Village, Texas
Julianne_H. GOLD, Highland Village, Texas
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*buzz* *buzz* *buzz* the phone went.
Brett checked his phone. He flipped his phone open aggravated and answered. “Ugh, what do you want, you trader! I can’t believe you actually have the nerve to call me after all you have done to me!”

“I’m sorry,” Connor said dreadfully. “You know I regret it.”

“Well, you should have thought about that before you went off, behind my back with my girl. You didn’t even seem to care then. Now did you?” Brett snapped back.

“I-uh I did care it’s just…” Connor tried to explain.

“Really? You cared? I see that.” Brett said sarcastically.

“Really?” Connor said confused.

“No,” Brett yelled back. “I don’t you dumb ass now leave me alone!” He flipped the phone closed frustrated with everything going on.

*buzz* *buzz* *buzz*

Brett looked and ignored the call. He was walking home from the park as he thought about Adrianna, his ex-girlfriend as of about 5 hours ago. She had cheated on him with his best friend, Connor. So not only did he loose his girl, he lost his best friend also. Brett and Connor have been best friends since kindergarten. The worst part was that Connor knew Adrianna and Brett were dating and decided to date her anyways.
*buzz* *buzz* *buzz*

He ignored it once again and kept walking. Then he realized that it was about 12 am and he had been out walking around for almost 5 hours now. He was at Connor’s house earlier but when he found out that Connor had betrayed him, he left immediately without listening to what he had to say.
~Earlier that day at Connor’s~

Connor had gone into the other room to do something, and Brett picked up Connor’s phone and started playing a game until a pop up came up. It said, “New message from Adrianna <3” Brett clicked on the message and read it, “Hey babe, I’m so glad we could make out earlier” He threw the phone with rage.
Connor heard the noise and ran back in the room and asked, “What the hell happened!”
“I don’t know,” he said furious. “One minute I thought we were fine, and the next she is telling you ‘glad we could make out earlier.’ Why don’t you tell me?!”
“What are you talking about dude?” Connor asked, afraid of what Brett would say next.
“Yeah… what about her?”
“Don’t act like you don’t know! I read the message she said y’all made out!”
“I thought she told you… she didn’t want to be with you anymore”
“No! She is mine. Now back off my girl!” Brett said furious, as he picked up his stuff and ran out the door.
Brett looked at his phone and went through all the messages with Adrianna. They always were saying ‘Forever and always.’ Now he wasn’t so sure. He was so confused. His mind ran wild with questions. Had Adrianna been cheating on me the whole time? Was it all a lie? Has Connor betrayed me before and I just didn’t know it?
Brett just kept walking and walking. He didn’t know where he was going, and he didn’t really care either. Just as long as he was away from the world. He thought about what he was going to do, but he really didn’t know. He couldn’t think of anything but going to one of his ex-girlfriends houses for the night. She was always there for him. Anything he needed she gave him. He went through his contacts and looked for Emily and pressed call.
*ring* *ring* *ring*
*ring* *ring* *ring*
“Hello,” Emily answered hesitantly because last time she had talked to Brett was when they had a big fight, and they hadn’t talked since.
“Hey… um are you still mad at me?” Brett asked hoping she would say no.
“Um… I don’t know… kind of. But if you need something I will help,” Emily said as caring as possible.
“Could I come over later? My parents think I’m at Connor’s house and well… Connor made out with Adrianna, and I really need someone to talk to.”
“Oh god. I’m so sorry um… could you come at 12:30 so my parents don’t see?”
“Yeah, Thanks,” he said in relief and let off a little smile as he ended the phone.
~At 12:30~

*ring* *ring* *ring*
“Hey, where are you?” Emily asked as she answered the phone.
“I’m outside your window. Could you let me in?” Brett asked while watching for any cops driving by.
“Yea, just a second.”
*click* *click* *creek* The window slowly opened and Brett climbed in. Emily hugged him as soon as he got in, and Brett kissed her forehead.
“I’m sorry for leaving you and hurting you… Baby, I love you.” Brett whispered in her ear.
“I wasn’t being easy on you. It was my fault I’m sorry” Emily said regretfully.
“Don’t tear yourself up. Let’s live in the present not in the past,” Brett said trying to comfort her. “You know what I learned since that day I started dating Adrianna…?”
“That I can’t replace your spot in my heart; no one can make me as happy as you do. I want you to be mine again. I want to be able to kiss you, talk to you for hours and hours, and I want to hold you through the night and never let you go”
“I want you back too. I think of you daily… I would do anything to have what you said.”
They walked over to her bed and talked about anything that came to mind. Brett was lying on the bed with Emily in his arms, and her head was on his shoulder. They laid there until Emily fell asleep and Brett slowly stroked her hair off her neck and kissed her gently. Then fell asleep not remembering anything that happened and not caring. He had everything he ever wanted now.

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