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February 14, 2012
By SammyJo1318 BRONZE, Mountlake Terrace, Washington
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Once upon a time there was a girl named Madison. Now, before I tell you the story I should let you know that this is, yes, indeed a love story. But it may be different than any other story you have read. Or it may be like every other story you’ve read, it will be up to you to decide.

Chapter One
Saturday morning, game day. She was getting her nice, warm, clothes on. Since it was soccer season the weather wasn’t ever very great. She had on her converse, jeans, under armor, and a sweatshirt supporting the team, the team that she grew up with all her life, her dad’s soccer team; The Overshooters. He coached her brother in soccer throughout her whole childhood, but this was their last year. By this time Madison was a freshman and the guys on this team were already seniors, only one year until she had to say goodbye. And only one year to get the attention of the boy she has had a crush on ever since she started liking boys. He was one of the few boys on the team that even said anything to her; they all usually didn’t see much in her. Unless of course she was next to her dad, the coach. Then they all started showing off pretending to notice her, except, Jake.
Jake was one of the guys that never forgot to say hi at the games. She was at every game and at every game Jake would talk to her. Thank goodness the other guys didn’t notice it or else maybe Jake wouldn’t even want to talk to her, or, maybe he still would. The starting whistle blew and the game went on. In the middle of the game Jake had the unfortunate event of getting hurt. It wasn’t serious but he was still hurt and Madison felt sorry for him. Madison walked over to him and asked,
“How’s your ankle doing?” While bringing him is Lemon-Lime Gatorade, his favorite! (This just happened to be her favorite too) “It’s really swollen, but it doesn’t hurt too badly.” Answered Jake, hiding the pain, trying to look tough. As Madison handed him his Gatorade he thanked her and she started walking away. Until Jake said,

“No, wait, can you stay here and sit with me? I feel weird just sitting here on the side, let alone being alone on the sideline.” Of course Madison had no problem with this, but she was in shock, is he really wanting me to sit next to him? Or is he just being nice… Oh gosh what do I say?! So she just quietly sat down next to him. They sat in silence for a while, watching the game. Is this really the same Madison I grew up with? She is actually kind of cute, can’t believe I didn’t notice her before; maybe I should talk to her… Jake started a conversation,

“You go to my school now don’t you?”

“Yeah, I’m a freshman.”

“Cool, how do you like the high school setting?”

“Ummm… It’s different, a lot different, but different good, definitely a good different, the teachers let you be so much more independent, and there is so much you can do. It’s almost overwhelming.”

“Yeah, it is really a start to growing up, speaking of stuff to do is there anything you are interested in?”

“I sort of want to do a few different things; I don’t want to be known for just one thing, more like a couple of things. But I am not sure what yet, I am still deciding.”

“That makes sense as long as you like what you are doing and getting good grades while doing it.” Gosh I bet I sounded like her dad…

“Yeah, I know, what do you do a”— She is interrupted by the game-ending whistle. The game was over, the Overshooters won, and her time to talk with Jake was over, time to go home.
When Madison got home she immediately called her best friend, Rachel. Madison and Rachel had been friends since 5th grade; they started being friends a short time before 5th grade camp. When they went to camp they ended up in the same cabin together. And in their time at camp they became the best of friends, and they have been best friends ever since.

“Rachel! You will never guess what just happened!”

“I probably can Madison but I’d rather not destroy your excitement.”

“No, come on, guess.”

“Your dad’s team won their game today?”

“Well, yeah, they did, but that isn’t what I am excited about!” “Okay fine, what is it then?”

“Jake talked to me!”

“Jake saying ‘hi’ doesn’t count as talking to you Madison, don’t get too happy.”

“No! Rachel, come on! Stop making fun of me. He really did talk to me, we had a real conversation! He got hurt at the game”— “Wait, he got hurt?!”

“Well yeah, but it wasn’t serious… Anyways, as I was saying, he sprained his ankle and was sitting there and so I brought him his Gatorade and then when I was walking away he asked me to stay and talk to him, apparently he didn’t want to sit by himself.” “Wow, well, I guess that’s a start.”

“Ha-Ha real funny Rachel.”

“So what did you guys talk about?”


“Of course, classic, school.”

“No, not ‘classic’ but he knows I go to school with him now, isn’t that good?”

“Yeah Madison, like I said it’s a start. I can’t believe you get up early just to go watch their games, in the freezing cold.”
“It’s not always cold and it is totally worth it, or Jake wouldn’t have talked to me.”

“True, very true, but anyways, what are you doing today? Want to do something tonight?”

“No idea what I am doing, nothing really, yeah what do you have in mind?” I wish there was some way I could hang out with Jake but I probably won’t get to until one of the team get together’s. “We could… go shopping; have a movie/game night, umm… I don’t know anything sound fun to you?”

“Yeah, I don’t really care what we do, want to come over and then we can decide?”

“Sure! I will have my mom bring me over, and I’ll bring clothes to choose from, depending on what we do.”

“Alright Rachel, you do that, I’ll see you in a bit. Bye”

“Bye, see you soon.” While Madison was waiting for Rachel she decided to get her homework done since she had nothing else to do, and she wanted to stay in her room for a little bit longer. Madison put in her headphones and started doing her Biology homework. Before she knew it, about an hour later, Rachel was walking through her bedroom door.

“Oh, hi Rachel, I’m just about done give me five more minutes.” “Come on Madison just do it later.”

“No, it is only five minutes, calm down, text James.” James was Rachel’s Boy friend; they had been dating since the beginning of 8th grade. He was an okay guy; he was in Band and ASB, a pretty good guy. Madison had no reason to think he wasn’t. He was nice to Madison and that was important to Rachel. Rachel was excited to start high school with him and hopefully graduate with him right by her side. Hmmm, texting James that is a good idea. Rachel thought so she decides to listen to Madison and starts texting James. Fifteen minutes fly by and Madison is done with her homework, Rachel, still texting James. I wish I could text Jake… oh well for now.

“So Rachel what do you want to do?”

“Oh, well do we want to go do something and then later tonight come back here and have a movie night? It is only 2 o’clock, we should go out.”

“Alright, well where should we go?”

“The mall? Bowling? Uhh…?”

“It isn’t too cold out, we could go walk on the beach?”

“No, Madison, it is definitely too cold for that.”

“Alright, well mall works.”

“Okay! Mall it is!” Madison goes out to talk to her mom while Rachel gets ready to go.

“Mom, can you take us to the mall soon?”

“Yeah, sure, why are you two girls going there?”

“Because we want to go somewhere.”

“Oh, okay...not going to shop?”

“We will probably look around but I doubt we will buy anything. Why?”

“Oh nothing honey, just let me know when you are ready.” “Okay thanks.” Madison walks back to her room to get ready too. “Rachel, are you almost done getting ready? It won’t take me long.”

“Yeah, I am pretty much done.”

“Alright well hold on.” Madison changes out of her sweatshirt into a more mall appropriate out-and-about shirt and jacket and they leave the room.

“Okay mom, we are ready to go. Can you take us now?”

“Well, that didn’t take long, but your brother is leaving you should see if he can take you.”

“But you said that you could take us!”

“Well he is already leaving so just go ask him.”


“Madison, just go ask him.” It’s not like Madison didn’t like her brother, she just didn’t like driving with him. He drives like a teenage boy, crazy. And thinks he is so cool.

“Griffin, are you leaving now? Mom wants to know if you will take us to the mall since she thinks you are leaving.”

“Ugh, I guess. I am going to my friends, but I guess I can take you two.”

“Okay, cool thanks.”

“Just give me five minutes.” Madison gives Rachel a surprising look and then they go wait in the living room.

“Are you still texting James?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Is he going to be at the mall too?”

“No, not this time, I need to look for a one year gift to give him.” “Oh! That’s right! Isn’t that next weekend?”

“Yup, September 20th!”

“Have any ideas what you want to get him?”

“Not really, I don’t really know what you get a guy.” There was silence for a minute while Madison was thinking, but she didn’t know either. She hadn’t even had a boyfriend; she had always had a crush on Jake and didn’t want to be dating anyone in case Jake actually liked her. Griffin came out and said he was ready to go. They get up and leave and make their way to the mall.
They arrive at the mall, Madison and Rachel get out of the car and Griffin speeds off. Madison watches him shaking her head she asks,

“So, where should we go first?”

“Let’s get Jamba Juice first and then just walk around looking to see if there is a store that gives me an idea or something.” “Alright, sounds good!” Before they had left Madison’s mom gave her 15 dollars to get something if she wanted, and she wanted Jamba Juice! Rachel always got the same thing every time, Razzmatazz. Madison on the other hand liked a few of them and she was always so indecisive about picking which one she wanted. “Do you think I should get a chocolaty one or fruity one today?”

“Madison, you always ask me! Why don’t you just pick one that you like and stick with it?”

“Because I don’t always feel like chocolate and same goes for fruit.”
“Well, is chocolate a good-mood drink? Because you still seem to be in a good mood from talking to Jake earlier today at his game!” Smiling, Madison thought about it then replied,
“Yeah, it actually kind of is, alright I will get a Chocolate Mood. Reward myself for not freaking out while talking to him.” They both laughed and then ordered their drinks. After they both got their drinks they headed into the mall for a gift-hunting adventure.
Walking through the mall, looking around at different stores so that something will hopefully spark some idea in one of them, “Well, what does he like? Would he want jewelry, or a stuffed animal kind of thing?”
“Umm, I don’t know if he would wear jewelry, like a necklace or something?”

“Yeah, maybe we can find a cool, guy-ish necklace?”

“Well, where should we look then?”

“Probably not Claire’s, since we are looking for guy jewelry.” Rachel looks at Madison and then starts laughing.

“What about Icing? It isn’t as girly so maybe it will have guy stuff too.”

“Alright, what do we have to lose? Let’s go!” On the way to Icing Madison had a better idea.

“Actually, I think we should go to the department stores instead.” “Oh, really? Why?”

“Because Icing really is a girl store, and I think department stores have more guy stuff so maybe we will see something.”
“Okay, well, Sears is right here so I guess this is our first stop.” They walk into Sears and go to the jewelry section, looking around.

“Hey Madison, what about a watch?”

“I don’t know he is your boyfriend.”

“Ha ha, real funny, I just mean would it be okay for a first year gift?”

“Yeah, I don’t see why not, just get him a nice one. Not one of those Velcro ones.”

“Okay, let’s look at them, how much did your mom give you?” “Well I told her I was looking for the gift if we went to the mall so $40.

“And then you got Jamba Juice, so you have like $30-35 now?” “Yup.” Madison finds a pocket watch that you can even put a picture in that would be perfect, would James want a pocket watch though? I don’t think he wears a watch so it might be more comfortable for him, plus Rachel will love to put a picture of them in it.

“Rachel! How about this pocket watch? You attach it to your belt and then put it in your pocket, plus you could put a picture of you or both of you in it.”

“OH MY GOSH, That is PERFECT! I know exactly what picture I want to put in it too!” Glad I mentioned the picture part or she wouldn’t be as excited as she is now.

“Its 30 dollars I will have enough! But could you give me a dollar or two if I need it for tax?”

“Yeah, of course I can Rachel.”

“Okay! Let’s go pay for it!” Madison and Rachel go pay for the watch, which was a huge score. Rachel didn’t end up needing that money for tax so Madison suggests,

“Hey we should go to the candy store and get candy for tonight’s movie night.”

“Okay! I’ll give you my left over dollar to contribute.” Madison chuckles and they go off to the candy store. They pass a few clothing stores, some booths with random things being sold, like the famous Pillow Pets, and Phone and iPod cases, random stuff being sold. They get to the candy store, which is one of their favorite stores in the mall, of course, what kid and teenager isn’t it? Maybe even some adults. Hmmm… What am I going to get? Chocolate covered gummy bears? Gummy Worms? Ooo maybe those chocolate s’more things? Madison’s thoughts were interrupted by Rachel.

“Madison we should get Chocolate covered gummy bears!” “That’s exactly what I was thinkin’ Rachel.”

“What about Pixie Stix’s?”

“Yeah! Red, Purple and Blue?!”


“I know you don’t like them Madison but can I get a few Zots?” “Of course you can Rachel!”

“So we have sweet, sour, and… chocolate covered gummy bears. One more thing, what should it be? Something else chocolaty?” “Yeah, chocolate works, but what? They stop and think, look around

“These! Nonpareils! The chocolate with sprinkles!”

“Yes! So perfect Rachel, Alright we are so ready for this movie night, let’s pay for this and I will call my mom.” After paying for all the candy they go to the food court and Madison calls her mom.

“Hey mom, can you come get us now, please?” Madison’s mom on the other end of the phone replies

“Yeah I will leave in a few be there in 15 minutes.”

“Okay Thanks mom! See you soon! My mom said she will be here in about 15 minutes.”

“Alright cool, we will have to decide on a few movies when we get back to your house.”

“Sounds like a plan!” Rachel zones out texting James so Madison pulls out her phone, scrolling through her contacts for someone to text. I wonder if my brother would give me Jake’s number, no, probably not, plus I don’t want him to know I like him. He might not ‘let me’ or worse, he might tell Jake. So that’s out of the question, but how do I get his number? Before she knew it Madison’s phone was ringing and her mom was there to pick them up. In the car Rachel showed Madison’s mom the pocket watch she got James, she was extremely excited about it. Madison’s mom said it was cute and kept driving. They arrived at home only 10 minutes later. Madison and Rachel headed in the house to start looking for movies.
Madison and Rachel were sitting and looking at all the movies Madison had, there were so many movies!

“Rachel, Are there any movies that you have been wanting to watch recently?”

“Actually, yeah, I want to watch ‘Sydney White’ do you have it?” “Of course I have Sydney White, Amanda Bynes is amazing!” “Okay, so we are definitely watching that movie.”

“Yeah, Definitely!” Excited they already found a movie, they keep looking for two more. I want to watch a Disney movie, but which one…? There are so many to choose from, I wonder if Rachel will want to watch one, might as well ask her.

“Hey Rachel you want to watch a Disney movie? I think we should always watch a Disney movie on our movie nights.”

“Alright, yeah, that sounds like a good tradition to have, Disney is great!”

“Which one should we watch?”

“I don’t know, we already have a love story one so I guess not a love story.”

“Rachel, almost all Disney movies are love stories…”

“True… How about… The Little Mermaid?”

“Yeah that could work! We should watch all three!”

“Sounds awesome to me!”

“Snacks now?”

“Yeah let’s pick out some stuff to eat! You have popcorn right?!” “Of course I have popcorn Rachel, when do I not have popcorn?” “True, you do always have popcorn.”
The night began, Madison and Rachel started making and finding a bunch of different snacks for their movie night. Rachel loved Madison’s kitchen, it was perfect. With a bunch of counter space, Cupboards organized perfectly, a giant island in the middle of the kitchen. It was perfect, Rachel loved cooking and baking so she always wanted a perfect kitchen like Madison’s. So anytime Rachel could help Madison’s mom cook, or get Madison to let her bake something, she loved it. So, she tried again,

“Madison I could make cookies.”

“Won’t it take forever? We shouldn’t take too much longer before we start watching movies.”

“It shouldn’t take long, come on, you know you love the cookies I make.”

“Alright, fine, as long as we have everything.” Rachel went into a super speedy baking mode, Madison did love her cookies and she knew that Rachel hated it when she tried to help, so she just sat at the island, watching, waiting. Yes! I can’t believe she let me make cookies, but why wouldn’t she? Who can say no to ‘Rachel’s cookies?’ No one can, that’s who. It had only been about 45 minutes since she started baking and she was already pulling out the first batch of chocolate chip cookies. Madison was impressed, it not even being 6:00 yet, they were going to be able to watch all the movies they picked out, even if that meant staying up until one or two in the morning. Since Rachel had just put in the second batch Madison got popcorn out of the cupboard and started microwaving the first bag. In one movie night they normally make 3 bags, but since they made cookies Madison decides to only make 2 bags. After the popcorn was done Madison pulled out her giant popcorn bowl that no one really know where it came from, but that they have always had it, so Madison and Rachel swore to always use it on their movie nights until it couldn’t be found anymore.

“Madison, we can start watching the movies now, we can just pause it when the cookies are done and I can switch them out.” “Alright, yeah, that sounds good to me; I am going to go change first.”

“Good idea, sweats sound comfy right now.”

The girls started to watch their movie, starting with The Little Mermaid. About 20 minutes into the movie the oven dings. “Time to get the second batch of cookies out!”

“Yesss! Yum! warm cookies!”

“Yeah, who doesn’t?! Got milk?” They look at each other and laughed. Then Madison replied, still laughing,
“Yes of course, I’ll get it, get out the glasses.” They poured their glass of milk, put the cookies on a big plate and sat down to start the movie again.

The first movie was over so they took a bathroom break and refilled their drinks and the snacks. Not even 10 minutes later they were sitting back down with the 2nd movie in and getting comfortable again.

After about a little less than half way through the 2nd little mermaid it was about 8 o’clock, they heard the door open, a lot of feet and loud guys talking. Before they knew it Griffin and 6 of his friends were there, setting the table up for a poker night. And among the friends there was Jake. Madison was in shock and gave a weird look at Rachel.
“What the hell are they doing?”
“They are having a poker night, they just sit around, play poker and eat our food. Griffin has one at least once a months.”
“Well they are really loud, do you want to move to your room?”
“Not really, it’s so much more comfy out here, and it is perfect movie watching space.”
“I know, but do we really want all their cheering and guy talk in the back ground?” Then, all the guys were in the kitchen, which was connected to this wonderful movie environment room. Rachel whispers to Madison,
“Say something to your brother.”
“Like what? I am not going to speak up with all his friends around. Plus it won’t be long until they say something to us.”
“Well hopefully they won’t!” And of course, Madison was right. Griffin starts talking to them, trying to be cool.
“Hey girls having a movie night again? How high school of you girls, why don’t you go and do something fun, you are Freshmen now.” Madison and Rachel just looked at each other, neither of them know what to say. The boys were eating Rachel’s cookies. Jake says something,
“Calm down Griffin, it’s cute plus Disney movies are too good to not watch. And we are eating the cookies that they probably made, let’s just get food and then go start our game.”
“Well Jake, how nice of you to stand up for them, seeing how it looks like they aren’t going to say anything. Come on guys lets go.” They take a plate of cookies, get pop out of the fridge and walk out of the Kitchen into the dining room on the other side of the kitchen. But before Jake walks out he grabs another cookie and winks, right at Madison. Madison, still in shock, and now in even more shock looks at Rachel and tried not be too loud,
“Rachel! Can you believe that just happened? Did you see him wink at me!?”
“Yeah, wow Madison that was awesome, did you hear what he said about Disney movies?”
“Of course I did!”
“So awesome, let’s grab more cookies so they don’t eat them and start the movie back up.”
“Alright, sounds good to me!” The movie starts and they get back into the movie every once in a while hearing the guys laughing really loud, or ‘oooooing’ and ‘ahhhhing’ but they weren’t close enough to actually hear any of their conversations. The girls ignored them and kept watching the movie.

The 2nd movie was over and so again they took a little break. They cleaned up a bit of their mess, quickly. While cleaning up Madison dropped the spatula which to her sounded extremely loud. Rachel had jumped and then looked at Madison and exclaimed,
“Jeez! Do you always have to drop stuff?!”
“Sorry Rachel! I didn’t mean to!” They both started laughing and then Jake walks in, and looks around. Madison freezes and stops laughing and says,
“Oh sorry are we being too loud for you guys?”
“I should be asking you that question, you are the two watching the movies. But no, you are not, I just heard something drop and was making sure no one was hurt.”
“Oh, well thanks I just dropped the spatula.” Madison said while waiving the spatula around. And Rachel spoke up,
“Thanks for checking on her—I mean us.” Madison gave Rachel a deathly glare and asked,
“What does my brother think you are doing?”
“Getting another drink of course.” Madison opens the fridge and grabs the last pop that is in there and hands it to Jake while saying,
“Well here is your proof of getting a drink.” Jake smiles, takes the can of pop and says,
“Thanks, How are your movies?”
“Pretty awesome” Rachel and Madison reply together but then Rachel instantly stops answering his questions and lets Madison talk to him, instead she looks for more food to eat.
“Sounds relaxing, what Disney movies are you watching?”
“The Little Mermaid series!”
“Awesome, I’ve seen them all but the original is still my favorite.”
“Yeah, I agree, most of the sequels aren’t as good as the original. But they are still worth watching.”
“Oh, yeah, definitely, this might be a random question but are you going to homecoming this year?”
“Only if someone asks me, I guess. I haven’t really thought about it too much.” That was an underestimate, she had been thinking about it since she was in middle school. She had seen her brother getting dressed up the past three years for homecoming. His group of friends had always come to their house for pictures. So every year Madison got to see all the girls in their beautiful dresses and the guys, in their nice suits with matching ties, escorting them around like they were famous. It was so great to watch and Madison couldn’t wait for it to be her turn to wear a beautiful dress and have her handsome date who she had always wanted to be Jake.
“You should definitely go, it’s so fun and you only get to go 4 times, plus prom. I can’t believe I only have one more to go, and that I get to go to prom this year. I’m actually kind of excited.”
“Are you really? I didn’t really think that guys got excited for homecoming.”
“Yeah I really am, I don’t know why though.”
“Do you know who you are going to go with?”
“Not really, I have a few girls in mind, but there is still a month left so guys won’t start asking for another week a so.”
“Oh, I see, well I’m excited since it is my first one. But I hadn’t really thought about it since it seems so far away.”
“In high school a month isn’t long at all, school will go by so fast, I remember when I just started high school, now look, I am a senior. Oh and make sure you two dress up for the spirit days, and go to the football game.”
“Yeah! I didn’t even think about that, just the dance. We definitely will!”
“Awesome, well you two enjoy your last movie, I better go back before they come in here.”
“Oh, alright, yeah, that’s a good idea.”
“talk to you later Madison, see ya Rachel.” Rachel, pretending not to listen shocked she heard her name says,
“Oh, uh, yeah see ya.” Jake walks out of the room, Madison and Rachel can’t talk. Madison wants to scream and laugh, she was so excited she had had a real conversation with Jake. They girls walked over to the couch so they could be farther from the dining room, sat on the couch, and started talking in quiet voices.
“Wow, I can’t believe I just talked to him that long and I didn’t freak out or anything.”
“Yeah, that was a long conversation, and why did he randomly bring up homecoming?”
“I don’t know Rachel, I was thinking about that too.” Silence for a second and Madison continued,
“You don’t think that I am one of the girls that he was thinking about asking do you?”
“No idea, I mean why would he bring it up with you like that? It’s not like you said something that made him think of it.”
“Yeah, that was crazy, well let’s start the next movie now.”
“I agree, give me the candy, I am in need of chocolate.” Rachel laughed and handed Madison the candy then started the movie.

The movie started and they didn’t want to take any breaks during this one so they watched it straight through. The guys still slightly in the background. They had heard the door open and close a few times so they thought that a couple of the guys had maybe left, Madison was thinking, I still can’t believe that conversation, but I hope it wasn’t Jake that left, Maybe I will get to talk to him tonight. Hopefully… And she went back to watching the movie. The Little mermaid movies weren’t that long and so when they finished it was only 11:30 and so Madison knew that some of the guys were still probably here since sometimes they stayed until as late as 1 or 2. Madison and Rachel got up, cleaned up their mess and walked into the dining room to see what guys were left. When they walked in to their surprise there was only Madison’s brother, and only three of his friends. Among those friends was Jake. Madison and Rachel look at each other, then run out of the room together hoping that they weren’t seen by any of the guys. When they get back to the kitchen they start talking,
“Madison, why are they still here?!”
“Well they normally stay later so I am actually kind of surprised there is only three of them still here, especially since I heard the door open a few times, figured they would all leave at once, but I guess I was wrong…”
“Yeah, you were wrong.”
“Rachel, what are you freaking out about? Shouldn’t I be the one freaking out?”
“Yeah I guess you are right, well I vote we watch another movie until all the guys leave, then maybe Jake will say goodnight to you!”
“That would be awesome.”
“Alright well then what movie should we watch?”
“Didn’t you want to watch Sydney White?”
“Yes! I forgot about that! Let’s watch it!” Madison puts the movie in and sits down, the movie starts and as they watch they still hear the guys in the background. Not as loud as before because there are half the guys as before. After a little while they hear the door open and close quite quickly so they assume the guys had left for the night. But only a few minutes later they still hear guys talking. The movie gets closer and closer to being over, then they hear people in the kitchen so they pause the movie and turn around. Madison thinking it was just her brother turns around to again, find Jake standing there looking for something to drink. He notices the movie has stopped and turns around from the fridge and starts talking,
“You don’t have to pause the movie, I am only looking for something to drink.” Rachel knows it isn’t her place to reply, trying to give Madison as much talk time with Jake as possible, so Madison replies,
“Oh, well it’s no trouble, that way you can turn on a light and actually see what you are doing.” Oh yeah, the game this morning, I should ask about his ankle.
“Well thanks, but I really don’t know what I am looking for.”
“What do you mean?”
“I am thirsty, but I am not sure for what.”
“Well you can make anything too, so if you wanted to make a smoothie, milkshake, anything you want really.”
“Well, how about I make milkshakes for the three of us? I am spending the night so it’s the most I can do, plus I am interrupting your movie, which, ya don’t say, is that Amanda Bynes?”
“Why yes, it certainitley is! She is such a great actress.”
“Her show when I was a kid was great… gosh what was that called…”
“The Amanda Sho—“ Madison and Jake had both answered the question. So Jake kept talking,
“Yeah, that show was so great, really random, and funny. I miss the old t.v. shows from when we were kids.”
“Yeah me too!” Madison and Rachel walked into the kitchen and started getting out the milkshake-making supplies, and kept talking to Jake.
“The ones now just aren’t the same, I mean, there are a few good ones, but it really isn’t the same and nothing can be better than some of the shows we watched when we were kids.”
“What were some of your favorite shows Jake?” Madison loved saying his name, she thought it was so cute.
“Well, it is hard to say, I loved a lot of the shows, some of the better ones were probably, Rocket Power, Cat-dog, Rugrats. Yeah, those are just a few, I watched them all!”
“Oh gosh I love Rocket Power and the Rugrats! Cat dog was okay, got weird sometimes though.” Rachel decided that she should probably say a few things so she doesn’t seem like a weird, non-talking friend.
“Cat Dog was weird, but not as weird as Courage the Cowardly Dog.”
“Ahh, yeah that show kind of scared me.” Madison said while thinking about the old show.
“I can see how it scared you Madison, it was just so random, strange and creepy” said Jake. Did he just say my name? Wow, it sounded so great when he said it, I know it is weird but when he says my name or when I hear his I love it. I think that was the first time I had really heard him say my name recently…
“I want to find some of the old shows like Rocket Power and watch them” Jake continued.
“Oooo, Madison do you remember Power Puff Girls?”
“Of course I remember Power Puff Girls! Wow, I do really miss that show. Jake did you ever watch it?”
“Actually yeah I did, Mojo Jojo was one of the greatest super villain of our time.” This guy is just getting greater and greater by the minute.
“Mojo Jojo was hilarious! He was such a random animal in the show” agreed Madison.
“What kind of milkshakes do you want?”
“Well, what kind can you make?”
“Rachel I think we should challenge him.”
“I agree with that Madison.”
“How about, chocolate peanut butter?” Jake interrupts,
“Umph, chocolate peanut butter, that’s too easy.”
“Now hold on, we weren’t done.”
“Oh, well my apologies miss Madison.” Madison giggled and then looked at Rachel and said,
“What else do we want?”
“Add cookies, it would be like cookies and crème!”
“Yum! Never thought about that, maybe we won’t challenge you tonight, we just want something delicious!”
“Alright, I can do that.”
They kept talking until Jake finished making their milkshakes, and then the three of them sat there, and kept talking,
“So when will they announce the homecoming spirit days?” Rachel asked Jake.
“You will hear rumors about what they are starting this week or next week, but we all probably won’t know until the end of next week. The ASB will know for a while before telling anyone, so if you have any good friends in ASB they will be able to tell you sooner.”
“Oh! My boyfriend is in ASB!”
“Well that’s perfect, he will be able to tell you, well, he probably isn’t supposed to but he should anyways. If you find out, you should let me know.”
“Actually, I can text him now and see if they know yet.”
“There is a month left still, they won’t know for sure, they will just have a list of ideas” Jake said. Madison spoke up,
“How do you know so well?”
“Because I have had friends in ASB every year, it’s the same time every year that they start thinking about ideas, and when they announce it.”
“Oh, okay, that makes sense.”
“Yeah” Jake said pouring the milkshakes into three glasses, grabbing three spoons out of the drawer and then asked,
“Do you have any whipped crème, sprinkles, or straws?”
Madison and Rachel looked at each other, not really knowing what to think. Madison walked over to the fridge and grabbed a can of whipped crème and handed it to Jake.
“Rachel you know where the sprinkles are, will you grab them?”
“Yeah sure, what color?”
“Uh, Jake, does it matter?”
“No, not really, multi-colored ones would be best.” So Rachel looked through the sprinkles and grabbed the colorful ones and handed them to Jake.
“Straws?” Jake asked.
“Not sure if we have any, here, uh, look in the drawer that you got the spoons out of.” Jake pulled open the drawer and looked around.
“Nope, no straws.”
“Here, let me look in my junk drawer.” Madison walks over to a different drawer in the kitchen and starts scrimmaging through it,
“Yeah! Here is an unopened pack! And they are bendy!”
“Perfect.” Jake said, grabbing them from her.
Jake put whipped crème on, then sprinkles, put the spoon and straw in and then he delivered the shakes to the girls, sitting at the island in the kitchen. Rachel said,
“Well it looks good but does it taste good?”
“Why don’t you try it and tell me?” Jake said. Madison and Rachel look at each other and then they take a straw full of the milkshake at the same time. Madison looks up and says,
“Wow! This is amazing! Thanks for making them!”
“Anytime, glad you like it.”
“Like it? I love it! Better than anything I’ve ever had.” Rachel said.
“I don’t think so, I think you are just being nice.” Jake said, embarrassed.
“No, I agree with Rachel, it is great!” They sipped on their milkshakes, Madison noticed that he was drinking it very slowly so she ask him,
“Jake, do you even like your own milkshake? Because if you don’t you can make something else.” But Jake was spacing out, he had been thinking, This has been so much fun, I feel like I had more fun here, talking to Madison and Rachel then I did when we were playing poker. It’s weird, I’ve known Madison all our lives yet I feel like I barely know her. I should try and get to know her more… Wait did she just say my name?
“Wait, what? Oh, sorry, what did you say?”
“I said, do you like your milkshake? Becau—”
“What? Yeah I do, why wouldn’t I?
“Because you aren’t barely drinking it.”
“Oh, yeah, well I was just thin—spacing out.”
“Oh” Madison laughs, “Well thanks again.”
“Yeah, no problem, it has been really fun.” Rachel had decided to leave them alone, so she said,
“Well I am done so I am going to go find some blankets and pillows out of your room and bring them down here for us since I assume we are sleeping down here?”
“Yeah, go ahead, if we want to finish the movie then we should just sleep down here.”
“Okay, do you care what blankets I get.”
“No, it doesn’t matter, just bring down warmth!” Rachel leaves her glass on the table and goes up the stairs. In that time Jake had finished his milkshake and Madison just had a sip left. So Madison grabbed her and Rachel’s glass, started to grab Jake’s until he picked it up and said,
“No it’s okay I can help.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah, it is no trouble.”
Alright, if you say so.” Jake grabbed the blender too and brought it, his glass, to the sink. Madison and Jake were right next to each other, washing out the milkshake mess. Madison said,
“How’s your ankle?”
“it’s fine, I just need to stop walking around.”
“Well, then why are you?”
“Because I can do that tomorrow while doing homework.”
“Oh, well I guess that makes sense, where is my brother?”
“He went up to bed.”
“Yeah, he was tired and I told him not to wait up because I told him I was going to ice my ankle.”
“But you didn’t.” Laughing he says,
“No, but I will when I’m lying in bed.”
“Oh alright, I’ll get you some ice.”
“Well thanks.”
“It’s the most I can do for you making us the awesome milkshakes!” She grabbed an ice pack and handed it to him.
“Thanks.” The mess was cleaned up so Madison thanked him for the wonderful milkshakes. He said
“It was my pleasure, goodnight” as he gave Madison a hug. She hugged him back, Rachel was now sitting on the couch, watching in amazement. Madison hadn’t even noticed Rachel come back down the stairs, but there she was. Madison was nervous; she wasn’t expecting a hug at all! Of course she wanted one but it didn’t really cross her mind tonight. It was all too much fun and awesomeness already. She said,
“Goodnight, and thanks again, see you in the morning I guess.”
“Oh, yeah, I will see you in the morning. Night, see ya.” Wow, this girl, why didn’t I ever see her before, I think that this isn’t the last time I will say goodnight to her, or the last time I will think about wanting it to be morning so I could see her again. Jake limped up the stairs and Madison went and slumped onto the couch.
“Wow, such a great night!”
“I’ll say! And I am not the one with a crush on the guy”
“Well let’s finish this movie, I am getting tired and I still want to watch it!”
“Sounds good to me” Rachel replied. Even though Madison wasn’t very tired, she had just hugged Jake, thoughts kept spinning in her head, had this all actually happened? She sat there watching the movie, thinking about the events of the night, and before she knew it she had fallen asleep.

The author's comments:
This was for a English assignment and it turned out to be a chapter of hopefully a book that I will one day finish. I don't have an actual title yet, but the *Insert Title here* seems like an okay title, for now. Feed back would be wonderful!

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