February 21, 2012
By Hannah Lyons BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
Hannah Lyons BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
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Amy sits, sunken into the chair emotion waving over her. The phone is on the opposite side of the room, the battery a few feet away from it. She had received a text from Jacob just two minutes before. It had been a while since she had seen him. Amy texted him.

“Babe, where are you? You aren’t returning my calls or texts”, she typed furiously.

“Please don’t be upset Amy. I’m at Brooke’s. You trust me right?” Jacob responded.

Amy is stunned, trying to think of the possibilities as to why Jacob is at her best friend’s house. Unfortunately, all she can think him cheating. She tries to let go of the hurt she is feeling by trying to read a book, and watching sappy Nicholas Sparks movies, but nothing seems to take the thought of Jacob cheating out of her mind. Amy goes to work the next day, trying to put all her thoughts away. Jacob has not texted or called her all day, so she runs home to dial his number.

.....The voicemail picks up. Jacob’s deep voice rings in. “Hey it’s Jacob. Sorry I’m not here right now. Leave your name and number and I’ll get back to you.”
Hearing his deep, pounding voice sends a sting through Amy. She can feel a lump form in her throat as she begins to cry. Around three o’clock the next day, Amy’s phone buzzes, causing her heart to feel like it is dropping to her stomach. She answers it, not knowing what to expect.

“Hey Amy, is it possible for you to meet me at the pier at seven tonight? We have something to discuss.” Jacob stated, sounding nervous. He is scared that she might decide to leave him since he has been so distant. Amy gets off of work and rushes to the pier. She arrives at the oceanfront and turns off the car, walking fast through the sand anticipating what may happen. She notices candles lining the worn path of sand. Her heart jumps and flutters. She sees Jacob by the pier, wearing all white. After what seems like walking forever, she arrives at Jacob, pretty sure about what is about to happen.

“Amy, you are my life. I couldn’t imagine my life without you. I know that I have seemed distant lately, but it has all been for a reason that will change our lives.”

Jacob lowers down to one knee, and pulls out a little black box. Brooke is hiding behind one of the pillars holding up the pier, watching.

“Will you marry me Amy Haggard?”

Amy feels a sudden relief and tears stream down her face. “Yes, yes I will!”, she says.

Amy and Jacob walk hand in hand into the distance, and each candle becomes dark as Brooke blows them out, proud that she has been a part of planning the first night for the rest of their lives together.

The author's comments:
I love combining the two topics of weddings and beach. However for this story, I began with two high schoolers and the boyfriend was going to plan an evening out. I then turned it into a grown couple and he is planning an engagement.

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