The Blue Prince

January 22, 2012
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In a land far away, there was a prince named Pierre. Pierre lived in a small town named Clara, however this town had something unique that other towns didn’t have. Everything in the town of Clara was blue, from the houses and schools to the sidewalks and benches. Prince Pierre was down right obsessed with the color. When he was a child he told his parents he wanted the whole town to be covered in this glorious color .His parents always fulfilled his every desire, this absurd demand was no different. Years went by and the whole town remained blue.

One morning as the prince ate breakfast in the palace’s dinning room, a servant brought him a letter. The prince opened it eagerly. It read

“ Prince Pierre,

You are cordially invited to my royal ball. Royals from all across the land will join to celebrate my birthday. This ball will take place tomorrow night at 8pm in the royal castle in the city of Mindset. Hope to see you there.

Sincerely Princess Evangeline ”.

At first the prince wasn’t impressed he would get invited to things like this all the time. He felt like he was superior then everyone. So he wouldn’t be caught dead in a gathering of pitiful royals. Little did he know that Evangeline was hesitant to invite him in the first place. She had heard about his reputation of being extremely arrogant. However, she was a very positive person and
invited him anyways hoping these claims were just rumors.

“ She’s ridiculous if she thinks I’m going to this Reginald. Toss it in the waste basket will you ?” the prince told his servant.

“ Reginald don’t listen to him, he’s going give that to me” his mother said.
“Sweetheart you‘ll become king soon being a king means you have to be social with other royals. A king needs to have allies”.

The prince wasn’t exactly thrilled to be going, but his mother was right. At least he’d make new friends even if they weren‘t as complex as he was. What his mother truly wanted was him to find a pleasant young princess and marry her. He’d never go if she told him that though.

The prince spent the day preparing for Princess Evangeline’s ball. Prince Pierre ordered his personal tailor to fix his outfit for the night. He went to the finest jeweler in the town to buy Princess Evangeline a birthday present. The next morning he actually felt excited to go to this ball. The day seemed to drag on in anticipation of the ball. Eventually after many long hours the time finally came.

When he arrived at the castle it seemed every royal in the land was there. The castle’s ball room was covered in pink lights, tables, napkins and flowers. The table cloths were lacy and girly but not too over the top. The room looked elegant but in a humble way. Nothing was too flashy.

As soon as he arrived the princess was about to make her grand entrance. Suddenly it happened, the prince watching this angel walk down the grand stair case. Evangeline had the kind of beauty you only hear about but never actually see.

Her light brown hair cascaded past her shoulders. She had a few loose curls at the end of her hair they looked elegant but natural all at once. Her eyes were green and captivating, the prince found himself staring into them with such intrigue. Her eyes were like jungles it was easy to get lost in. Her cheeks were so rosy and her lips were scarlet like fresh pomegranates. All where the perfect compliments to her creamy complexion.

Evangeline was wearing a soft pink gown. The bodice was strapless and fitted with a sweetheart neck line. There was a single line of small pink pearls around her waist that emphasized how tiny it was. The bottom was of the dress was loose and long enough to hide her feet. The dress was very simple and she looked very natural in it yet he had never seen a more striking girl before. At that very moment he knew he was in love.

She had her first dance with her father, after that she danced with all her guests. Prince Pierre waited patiently for his turn. He didn’t mind waiting, he liked to watch her dance her movements were so graceful. It looked as if she wasn’t even touching the ground almost dancing on air. Her charming smile never left her face while she danced. When his turn finally came he knew he had to make an impression.

Princess Evangeline saw a handsome young prince in blue coming towards her with a smirk on his face. As he got closer he held her waist while she put her arm lightly over his shoulder. Looking directly into his eyes she said

“ Hello prince, thank you for coming” .

“ Your welcome thank you for inviting me princess, and Happy Birthday. The castle looks beautiful.” the prince said.

“Thank you, and I’m glad we spent weeks preparing making sure everything was perfect”.

“Well the outcome was amazing, and…. You look beautiful”

As soon as the prince said it he knew he shouldn’t have. Beautiful didn’t cover it, she was way more then just beautiful. She blushed when he said it

“Thank you prince, that’s very sweet--”.

“Pierre, my name is Pierre” he interrupted.

They spent the whole night dancing and talking ; laughing and smiling. They talked about their childhood, parents, favorite memories, life, and most importantly love. They pretty much talked about everything or so they thought. And when they weren’t speaking they simply admired one another. They were both equally fascinated by each other.

She was in love. He was honest and charming. He made her feel like she could tell him anything, like she was the only girl in the room that mattered. She saw something others didn’t not an arrogant prince but a charming one. Not to mention his obvious good looks but it was deeper then that, way deeper.

After hours of dancing and talking, they decided to get away from everyone for a while and get some air on the balcony. They looked out at the moon ; that seemed to shine extra bright tonight they were silent. The prince felt his heart beating so loud he thought Evangeline might actually hear it.

He’d never felt like that was before normally people chased him, now he had to make an impression on her. And he knew just what to do. He turned to look at her and she looked even more stunning the way the moon light hit her perfectly.

“Evangeline” he said as she turned to him.

He wanted to lean in and kiss her but he felt frozen with fear. He’s palms got sweaty his heart started to beat even faster. He started to feel his face turn red. But he had to do it no matter how nervous he was. He closed his eyes and leaned into her she got closer too. They shared there first kiss and it was nothing less then perfect.

She blushed and looked deep into his eyes wondering how it was possible to be so in love with someone you just met.

“Evangeline, I just met you tonight and already there’s no competition between you and any girl I’ve ever met. And I know what I’m about to say is crazy and you probably won’t even believe it but--”

“I love you too” The princess said with a smile from ear to ear. He kissed her and said

“Marry me ?” Without hesitation she answered

“ Yes”.

They made arrangements to see each other first thing in the morning. Their wedding would take place as soon as possible. By the end of the night the prince was so happy he walked home and arrived to his palace without even realizing it. He was beaming with love and excitement. He could already picture Evangeline coming down the aisle, taking his breath away as she said “I do“ fantasizing about a life with her.

He barely slept that night so anxious for morning to come. When he woke up he rushed down to the dinning room where he found his parents having breakfast. “ Mother, Father I’m getting married” They both almost choked when he said it. But his mother was thrilled especially when she found out it was to such a charming young lady. His father was a bit more hesitant, they knew each other such a short amount of time and already marriage ?

But he had never seen his son more happy or sure about anything since he decided to paint the whole town blue. The prince quickly got dressed and ate breakfast and left eager to see his princess. When he arrived at her castle it seemed even brighter and even more pink than the night before. He walked out to the garden and found Evangeline tending to her flowers. She was so careful with each one, she made sure each one got just the right amount of water. He almost didn’t want to disturb her he was seeing this nurturing side of for the first time. And he loved it. There were tons of white daises planted it seemed almost as of the floor was covered in snow.

Other than her gentleness with her flowers, what caught his attention was how Evangeline was dressed. She was wearing some old cut up jeans, a wrinkly white t-shirt, her hair was in a messy bun with a headband to keep her side bangs out of her face. Once again even with messy hair and wrinkly clothes she took his breath away. But he would’ve never pictured a princess getting her nails dirty in the garden. He never did any kind of dirty work in his palace. Just another sign of how down to earth she was and he loved that about her.

“My love, I’m so glad you’re here. We have so much to do. First we have to call the florist. I like roses for the centerpieces. Then we’ll have to go to the bakery on the corner of Read Street for cake tasting, I love chocolate cake. Then we need a caterer, my dress, your tux, invitations. Oh my lord so much to do she exclaimed” !

“Honey, yes I can’t wait to start planning this wedding but before anything I just want to request one thing. Our wedding must be white and blue” the prince said.

“Blue and white ? absolutely not it will be pink and white. Everything in my kingdom is pink, ever since I was a child, my wedding shall be no different.” the princesses snapped.

“What ? I never even noticed , I thought they painted the city pink in honor of you birthday. Just like you my kingdom has been covered in blue since I was a kid and my wedding will be blue as well. If it isn’t than I guess there will not be a wedding”

“Fine, without a pink and white wedding I will not marry you either” the princess cried.

“Fine” the prince said and stormed out of the castle furious.

“How could she be so stubborn, he was going to make her a queen for crying out loud. The least she could do is let him run his city as he wanted. After all he was going to be the king.” He thought to himself.

He decided to walk all the way to Clara he didn’t care how many miles away it was. He needed to clear his thoughts, to calm down. He walked across Mindset thinking, searching for some kind of solution. Any solution. Suddenly he brought to a screeching halt, by a giant paint spill in the middle of the street. A man told him that two painters had been carrying stacks of paint pales.

One painter had pales of blue paint, the other had pails of pink paint. They were stacked so high that they were obstructing their view, so they didn’t see each other and crashed into each other. They dropped the pails ,spilling the paint and covering the sidewalk in it. The two colors had blended creating a fuchsia color.

“Such a mess, but strangely I like this mess. Those two average colors created a magnificent new color.” the man said.

At that moment the prince knew what he had to do. The solution to his problem was literally at his feet. He ran back to the castle ready to marry his princess. When he arrived he asked one of the maids where Evangeline was, she said

“She’s in her room but I don’t suggest you see her she’s very angry with you. I’ve never seen her so mad.”

He ignored her comment he ran up the grand stair case and found Evangeline looking at the window, sniffling.

“Evangeline, my love ?” he whispered.

When she turned around he could tell she had been crying,

“What ?” she snapped.

He got closer to her and hugged her but she wouldn’t hug him back.

“ My love I’m sorry for the way I acted, but I can fix it. Forget the blue and pink--”
“Stop” she interrupted.

“Do you really think that’s why I’m so upset ? Who cares about the colors I love you and I just want us to be together, but you wouldn’t even make one sacrifice for me. All your life it’s been about you, and what you want. I thought that would change once we were married. I was wrong.”

She turned around again to look at the window, wiping away her tears. He had never felt so bad before, he had been selfish all his life. But all that would change at that moment.

“ Look at me” he said, he wiped her tears and kissed her forehead.

“You’re absolutely right I’ve been so selfish all my life, only thinking about me and what I wanted. But see something changed me, and its you. You are so different and down to earth, you don’t think you’re too good for anything just because you’re a royal. I did for a long time until I met you and now I know I won’t be that person anymore. Our wedding will be white and fuchsia“.

“ But why? ” she questioned.

“Because you’ve made me realize that there has to be comprise in love, it can’t just be all about one person. So the fuchsia is a mixture of pink and blue, our wedding will show how we’ve come together” he said with a smile.

To this Evangeline shed tears but of happiness. She smiled and kiss him, knowing that there life together could truly start now. In only a few short weeks they planned a beautiful wedding. It was an outdoor wedding there were lights everywhere and fuchsia and white everything. Evangeline wore a white dress had her hair in an up do with a fuchsia flower in it. Pierre watched his breath taking fiancé walk down the aisle as he stood there in his white suit and fuchsia tie. After the ceremony the bride and groom glowed the whole night, happy to call each other husband and wife.

As time went by they decided to change their cities, they allowed people to paint their property whatever color they wanted. The cities never looked so beautiful covered in reds, yellows, whites, greens and beiges. Only a few months after these changes the king and queen were expecting a child. They day the baby was born, they bought their new princess to the castle dressed in fuchsia. Later that night when Evangeline put her daughter to bed she stroked her head and whispered

“ baby girl you are so lucky to have a daddy who will always put you first”

“ And she’s lucky to have a mother who made her father the man he is today”
Pierre said standing by the door. She laughed, walked over to him and kissed him and they left there daughter’s room smiling.

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