Till death and beyond

February 18, 2012
               It was a sunny warm day. The sky was a pure blue and the animals seemed happy. It was a fairy tale day. But not just for the reason of it being beautiful. It was a fairy tale day because it was me and my boyfriend's anniversary. The anniversary of the day we said we loved each other.
           It was a true love. A love that's as meant to be. I'm sure you've heard this all before and have known the couples to break up a week later, but we were different. Our love extended even beyond death.
" Lina? You okay?" he looked over at me in concern.
" yeah I'm alright," I smiled up at him, " just lost in thought I guess."
       He laughed and gave me a gentle kiss on my forehead. He pulled me into his lap and we sat there together in the park, basking in our love.
" I love you till death." I told him.
" and beyond that." he replied.
        We sat there happily and before I new it we fell asleep on the blanket we were sitting on. I woke up when I heard sirens in the distance. This was a peaceful area so something was wrong. I shook Damon awake.
"Damon, Damon wake up. Something's wrong I hear police sirens!"
" shhh, shhh, it's alright Abeline." he only used my full name when we wanted me to listen. I felt like I should but something was definetly wrong. 
        The sirens died out and I finally relaxed, but something nagged at me not to. If only I had listened. It was sunset now and the sky was dyed in oranges, blues, pinks and violets. I could tell Damon had fallen asleep holding me because of the way he breathed. I loved him so much.
     I felt a slight pressure at the back of my head. I heard a click and a gruff voice telling me not to make a noise.
" if you talk girly I will blow your brain all over your boyfriend." I squeezed Damon's hand and he squeezed it back. He wasn't asleep anymore. Very gently Damon put his hand over the man's gun and pushed it down.
" you don't want to hurt either of us."
" don't you tell me what to do boy! I will kill you both!" I was so terrified, for me, for Damon.
" please," I said in a small voice which was very unlike me, " please don't hurt us." I pleaded with him. I didn't want to die and leave Damon all alone in the world. 
" I said not to make a noise didn't I? Didn't I!" he yelled and I shook. Damon wrapped his arms around me tighter. " you two are so annoying with your lovey dovey crap. Just go and die already. No. Better yet let me speed up the process." 
          The last things I heard were the sounds of the gun going off twice and Damon's last words.
" till death." I felt tears in my eyes as I looked into his deep green ones.
" and beyond that." I choked out, blood spilling from my mouth. Dying wasn't what I'd wanted to do when I was 18 but with our last words to each other, I was content. We'd said once that not even death could rip us apart. Our souls were stitched together by fate's thread and nothing could change that.

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Writer_Jordan said...
Feb. 20, 2012 at 5:56 pm
Oh my gosh! The end was very unexpected and sad D: Good writing though
Purplefeary134 replied...
Feb. 22, 2012 at 5:47 pm
Haha thanks truthfully I was feeling a little depressed and was extremely bored
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