First Kiss

February 17, 2012
The snow fell gently, swirling down to the ground and landing in small clumps. It was so gentle that it fit everything that was happening around it. It fell silently on the grass and on the leafless trees, and on the eyelashes of two lovers. The girl was a little surprised when the boy kissed her, but it was all right. She blushed and her eyes widened as she took a step back and looked at the boy. He was smiling at her. The boy’s hand then reached to her cheek and he once again pressed his lips to hers. This time she did not back away. It was a very simple kiss. Just a peck really, but it seemed like forever to both of them. They could feel their hearts beating quickly, and it felt as if their chests would explode. In the sunset with the snow all around it just seemed perfect. They looked at each other smiling as they said their goodbyes for the afternoon. They would part, but only momentarily as they’d be together a long time. Or so they thought.

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