Juliet Talks Back

February 7, 2012
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“O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do;” what kind of pickup line was that? You know Romeo, that wasn’t exactly making a great first impression. First you use a cheesy pickup line and then you expect ME to make the first move to kiss you, and as if that wasn’t enough, you tell me you gave me all your sin. Nothing like Paris…he’s a take charge kind of man.
You have some nerve sneaking into my garden and scaring me like that.
It’s nice you’d rather be killed than live without my love, but if they catch you here I’ll be grounded for two weeks; that means no dates with Paris…
I still get a chuckle over how you believed me when I said I liked you too much to play hard to get. You thought I was so innocent and cute, when in reality you were just the boy I used to make Paris covet my love even more. Paris acted like I was his already; you know a girl like me really loves an older man with confidence…and experience. What was a girl to do when I had to wait three years to marry? My father just never understood how mature my generation was. You though, you gave me the opportunity to fool around a little, have some adventures, occupy my time with some mind games, all while making Paris jealous and falling more in love with me. Not to mention aggravating my parents; now they know better than to force me to eat my peas at the dinner table.
Oh…did you really think I thought the lark was a nightingale? I’m not that foolish love, I knew daytime was arriving. I could hear the lark singing; I believe it was something about avenging my dearest cousin Tybalt’s untimely murder. I wish you stayed just a bit longer dear, you could have met my parents…oh and a few guards too.
I tried to warn you; I did tell you that I would kill you with too much cherishing. All I had to do was sweet talk you and next thing you know, you’re dead from poisoning yourself.

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