The Butterfly

January 28, 2012
A dew drop fell from the petal of a budding red rose. The thorns were like gleaming green swords that shone in the evening sunset. A silence had swept over the garden, the only sound a chirping sparrow in the distance. The horizen was colored deep orange with intense whips of yellow and pink. A small stream flowed by silently, the waters golden with the reflection of the setting sun. My converse thumped quietly on the mossy ground of the bank. I rested my back on a tall oak tree and slid to the ground. I pressed my knees against my chest and fiddled with my fingernails, the red and black polish was chipping away slowly. The wind whispered to the trees and leaves rolled along the ground lazily. I fumbled with my jacket zipper for a minute and admired the green hills in the distance. I picked up a small gleaming rock from the gravel path and listened to it plop into the water with a tiny splash. A twig snapped behind me, disrupting the peaceful queit. A strange boy came around the corner and sat down next to me. "I'm Kaleb." He said softly. I looked at him with a baffled expression for a moment and watched his dark blonde hair shift slightly with the cold breezes. I turned my head and stared at my tan, ragged canvas shoes. "Vanessa." I replied. He was silent for a while, his grey eyes focused on the horizen. A cream tinted butterfly flapped it wings gracefully before land on the top of my bare hands. "Beautiful." He whispered. I smiled crookedly and nodded a little. "My favorite kind." I leaned in closer to get a better look at the butterfly. "I wasn't talking about the butterfly." I blushed and watched as the small creature floated into the treetops. Suddenly, I felt a tingling sensation in my hand and then warms. Kaleb interlaced his fingers with mine and smiled to himself. He rubbed his thumb against my smooth skin and stared into my amber eyes. Perfect.

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