We Called it Love.

January 28, 2012
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10 years-old, Shoulder length, golden brown hair simply flowing down my head, and my green eyes shining in the sun, Me. 10 years-old, short, almost black stubbly hair, and brown eyes, Him. Here we were, talking via face book, without anyone but us knowing that we were in what we thought was love. It had been almost 2 months that we started our “relationship.” We were head over heels, I knew we were so young, but we had feelings that we didn’t know what to do with, or what to call it. My sister, 5 years older than me didn't even have someone like I did. Fairytale, it was.

Small school, with only 3, 5th grade classes. We were in separate classes, across the hall.
The last day of 5th grade at Sardis Elementary School. We had been messaging back and forth, about how we would make this last day very memorable. Since it was our last day, all the 5th graders were given a shirt, and a pen. It was so everyone could sign each other's shirts. There was 3 different Middle Schools that my fellow 5th graders would be going too, but he was going to mine. I was very thankful for this. Later on in the day, after lunch time, we had only 30-45 minutes left of 5th grade at Sardis Elementary School, and the 3 classes spend those minutes outside, signing every ones shirts. Typically, people hung out with the friends that were leaving to another school, but instead, I spent them with you, my best friend, and her “boyfriend.” We sat under the playground, the only spot on the perimeter of the area where we could get away from everybody else, and mostly where the teachers couldn't see us.

5 minutes left. Still under the playground with you, my best friend, and her boyfriend. You loved being alone with me, and while messaging, we loved talking about being alone. A minute later, you made my best friend and her boyfriend leave, and they did that without a fuss, knowing you were defiantly planning something for me. We watched them walk away together, and as soon as they were out of out sight, we made eye contact. His eyes were blinding me with beauty, but there was no way my eyes would leave his.

1 minute left. Only 1 minute left, and still we hadn't made this day very memorable. Being with him, laughing, and talking, is very memorable, but I knew that we couldn't end the day like this. We wouldn't be able to see each other for a long time. Our eyes, still locked on each others, and all I can see is the boy that has been my everything.

The whistle blows. Time to leave. I was working on getting up when I felt something I wasn't ready for, but wanted so badly. There his lips were, gently glued upon mine. We were head over heels, I knew we were so young, but we had feelings that we didn’t know what to do with, or what to call, we later called it love.

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