Battle of Heart

January 19, 2012
By Desdemona7895 BRONZE, Vancouver, Other
Desdemona7895 BRONZE, Vancouver, Other
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I can’t deal with this pain, this hurt. This feeling of desolation is a new land, a mystery full of fog. I want to go wild, crazy. Leave this sadness behind in a whirlpool of sandstorm. Push myself forward in a frenzy so I can bury the scars deep inside. How long I can go without losing myself…I don’t know. But right now, in this empy room, with you on my mind, I’m a monster; designed to destroy. And the only thing I know how to destroy, is me. Myself. I will be crumbled into mere ashes, feel even worse pain, but at least I won’t have to feel the wounds you are causing me. At least I won’t have you flickering by like an ungraspable phantom. At least… I’ll be out of this sickening thing called….love.

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