when a lie became deadly

February 1, 2012
By alberta BRONZE, Everson, Washington
alberta BRONZE, Everson, Washington
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At fifteen, Linda although slightly chubby is petite with light brown skin. While lying in bed, she hums to music from her iPod, thinking about Jesus. It wasn’t that long ago when she was lost in love with him. She was shocked and confuse when he left her. It started like a fairy tale, but she was too blinded by love to realize that not all fairy tales have a happily ever after.

Linda had met Jesus at her best friend Carmen’s 15th birthday party. She was dancing all night and she decided to use to the bathroom to fix her makeup. Returning to the party, she felt a hand tap her shoulder. She turned around and saw the most handsome man she had seen the whole night. He introduced himself and they talked for hours. When the party finally ended she gave him her cell phone number as he started to leave. She arrived home with a huge smile on her face, anxious to receive a phone call from Jesus. The next day she carried her phone everywhere she went. Around 9:30 pm her phone rang. She quickly flipped the cell phone open; it was Jesus. They started to hang out more and got to know each other better. Their first kiss was late at night at her house when her parents weren’t home. The kiss was pure and special, probably the best kiss she had experienced in her entire life. Linda realized he started to mean something more to her and every day that passed she felt closer to him. She could never have imagined the wicked secret he kept. Jesus had a different purpose to dating Linda. Linda had a brother named Joevanie who was 18 years old. He had three tattoos on his body, but one in particular was a teardrop underneath his right eye. This represented the number of rival gang members he had killed. He’s been locked up for shooting Jesus’ older brother. Since the judge had little evidence against him, he was soon to be released. Jesus later found out that Joevanie had a sister and hearing that Joevanie was set to be free, he decided to retaliate. Jesus knew how much she meant to Joevanie, so much he would give his own life to protect and defend her from harm.
Jesus deliberately misleads Linda into loving him, and was then to convincing her into having sex with him. All her friends were fooled, too, and jealous because she had found the perfect man. What Linda didn’t know was that a year ago Jesus had joined a gang in honor of his dead brother… and acceptance into this gang required Jesus to obey any command to show his allegiance to his hood. What Jesus didn’t plan was falling in love with her. Every time he was with her he felt more alive. The words that he told her began to hold meaning.

On the other hand, Linda had heard him talking to one of his friends about having sex with her. She was so confused and hurt because they had not had sex at all. Jesus saw her standing behind the door as he finished talking to his friend who just smiled at her while checking her out from head to toe, and left. Jesus just stared at her as she tried to hide her tears. Jesus tried explaining the truth to her. She yelled at him, telling him that she had nothing to do with what her brother had done. Deep inside Jesus knew she was right and he faked a tough posture, when all he wanted to do was hug her and tell her that he loved her. She turned around and left. He didn’t have the guts to stop her.

Three weeks later, her phone rang; it was Jesus. The words, “I love you,” stopped her from clicking on him. He wanted to see her and since she still loved him she agreed to meet him at a nearby park. Once she arrived at the park, he was nowhere to be seen. She waited a few minutes then saw a black Honda head towards her. She thought it was Jesus but the car didn’t stop and realized too late that it was Jesus best friend. He took his head out the tinted window and pointed a gun towards her. He shot her and sped away. Jesus knew none of this because he was told to drop off a few items to a stranger. When he saw Linda’s body laying down he ran towards her, but she was dead already. So confuse on what to do that, in a low voice he told her “I love you” and as he stood up a tear drop on her lips from his eyes as he sped away and slowly vanished away.

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