Cestrum Nocturnum

January 29, 2012
By Yahaira BRONZE, Gardena, California
Yahaira BRONZE, Gardena, California
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It was nighttime, dark but filled with blazing stars and a bright white full moon. The cool wind rustling the leaves making this hot night into a warm night: temperature just right to be outside. Standing on the balcony looking at the cherry blossom trees; their branches and leaves dancing in the night. White beautiful cestrum nocturnums opened and out numbering the other flowers. The scent of their aroma filling up the air spreading like colorful leaves in the fall. Such beauty.

Something catches my attention. There, on the soft dirt pathway, coming close, near. I watch him walking towards me, enjoying this precious night. His dark shirt matching the shadows of the trees, dark blue jeans like the campanula punctata Sarastro. His hands are in his pockets of his jeans. My heart pounds unhinged as water falling from a high waterfall. I clutch my fists, scared. He stands 6 feet next to me waiting for me to face him. I turn to see his face.

Standing there facing him waiting for his next movement. He moves closer to me taking caution as if he would scare off a frail animal. Once he is close to me I can smell his aurora, sweet, daring, strong, wild. He grabs my hand gently, lifting it up to his lips. Blandly kissing my hand, making my skin quiver and my heart troy madly.

“I’ve missed you,” he said in a lovely voice.
I say nothing, terrified that my thoughts and voice will betray me.

“Say something,” gently and softly he says.
Understanding he lets go of my hand and wraps his strong arms around me. Embracing his touch my body corresponds and I put my arms around him. Settling my head on his chest hearing his light breathing. How can I declare to him that I’m in love wit him when I know he will only demolish my heart? How can he stand here, hugging me, showing his concern for me, telling me he misses me when he knows what he has done?

But… my heart belongs to him… O wretched feelings! He pulls back a little putting his hand on my cheek tilting my head up. He is looking at me, trying to figure out what I am thinking. His beautiful brown eyes looking at mine, staring, wondering. Slowly I take in his features: his brown shinning eyes, long thick blondish eyelashes, his sharp strong cheek bones, his thick eyebrows, his small nose, and his full light red smooth lips. His eyes meeting mine. Dazzled by them, my heart, body, soul, and mind know he is the one…

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