December 16, 2011
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It was a sunny spring afternoon, warm with a little breeze. The clouds puffy and white, occasionally overlapping the sun. Leaves rustling as the tree’s swayed softly. Sweet smelling red tulips blossoming everywhere. Fay, lay sprawled across the soft cool green grass humming her favorite song to the animals surrounding her above in the trees. She watched the clouds as they slowly inched across the sky.
She stopped humming when she heard the snapping of a branch nearby. She quickly stood to go examine what had made the noise. As she got closer to the woods and farther away from the clearing she could hear footsteps. She saw someone, it was a boy he was tall and had blonde hair. He was kneeling down, holding something. It was something furry. She stood there watching the boy until he looked up at her, it was he. He had been in her dreams times before but this time was different his face was more clear to her.
Fay started to blush when she noticed that she was staring and slightly tilted her head down. She didn’t understand why her stomach got so fluttery at the sight of him. Even though his face was clearer to her then it had been before she still couldn’t tell exactly who he was.

Beep Beep Beep Beep!!
Fay’s alarm clock screeched at the top of its inanimate lungs for the third time that morning. She sat up and warily looked around. She didn't remember falling asleep .Fay looked at her clock it was 5:53 she had about an hour to get ready for school. She got out of bed and sulked down the hall to the bathroom. After washing her face and brushing he teeth Fay went back to her room to get dressed. Looking through her closet and drawers she finally settled on her white yoga pants and a pink V-neck top; finishing the outfit off with a pair of flats and her white, I LOVE PINK, Victoria Secret hoodie. Fay checked her the time on her phone it was almost time for Brandon to come pick her up. She walked down the stairs quickly but quietly not to wake her mom or Brian. She grabbed a multi-grain bar and headed for the door, just as she opened the door Brandon beeped the horn. She closed the door and hurriedly ran to his car. Brandon was Fays best friend she had known him forever.... Well not literally but it seemed like it. They had met when she was four and he was five. Fay was a smart girl so she got to start kindergarten early but she was so shy scared on her first day that she cried when her parents left. By lunchtime she had settled down and warmed up a little. When she wasn’t upset she was quite fun, almost all of the little girls wanted to sit by her except for Holly. Holly was mean to Fay because everyone liked Fay instead of her. At recess Holly pushed Fay off the swing into the dirt; and that’s where Brandon came in. her helped Fay up, wiped her tears with his sleeve and walked with her to Ms. Tally their teacher. Since then they had been inseparable.
Brandon kissed Fay’s cheek as she got into his car .He had made that a habit long ago and she didn't mind. She actually kind of liked it. It reminded her of her father he always used to do it before he died six years ago.
“I missed you Saturday” “where were you?” She asked
“I’m sorry I missed your party Fay, I had to baby-sit.” You know otherwise I wouldn’t have missed it.”
"Yeah I know” she said as he pulled off “but you could’ve called me and told me at least!” she exclaimed
“I know I know I’m sorry Fay, I’m sorry” he looked at her; she looked in his eyes and could tell he really meant it.
“Forgive Me,” he flashed her with his pearly whites. She paused for a second and tilted her head to the side as if she was thinking.
“Okay you’re forgiven “ she said and smiled back at him. Fay gazed out of the window smiling like always. Just Brandon presence made her happy.

Brandon’s POV

Just as I beeped the horn Fay walked out of her house, smiling and looking beautiful as usual. I watched her walk towards the car and wondered: how I could have a girl like her in my life. She was perfect, pretty, nice personality, and just a good person period; it sucked that I would always be in the friend zone. I mean yeah I liked her as a best friend but I guess just a little part of me wished we were more.
When Fay got into the car I greeted her with a kiss on the cheek, as always.
“I missed you Saturday” “where were you?” She asked
“I’m sorry I missed your party Fay, I had to baby-sit.” I explained. " You know otherwise I wouldn’t have missed it.”
"Yeah I know” she said as I pulled off “but you could’ve called me and told me at least!” she exclaimed
“I know I know I’m sorry Fay, I’m sorry” I looked at her, she looked in my eyes and I could tell she understood
“Forgive me” I smiled at her. She paused for a second and tilted her head to the side as if she was thinking.
“Okay you’re forgiven “ she said and smiled back at me.
I turned up the radio as she gazed out of the window. "My Best Friend" by Weezer, was on. I secretly liked this song, because it explained a lot; but I would never admit that to her. Fay, I think she knew how I felt about her. I used to drop little hints, and it worked. For a while we had a thing, but I screwed it up by kissing one of her friends. I know it was stupid of me but it just happened and when Fay found out she gave me the silent treatment for three whole weeks. I had to literally beg her on my knees for her to forgive me.
When we pulled up to J.B High, Joe and Ali walked over to the car. Fay and I got out.
" W'supp' Joe", we did the Handshake-Chest-Bump-Semi- Clinch-Man-Hug thing " sup Aly" I nodded my head in their direction. Fay hugged Ali and Joe and we walked into the school.

Fay got to her first period science class right as the bell rang. She was lucky because it she would have been one second later Mrs.Demogorgon would have given her a weeks worth of detention. That women really went with her name, she was evil and always had it out for fay. Hayden Greer waved Fay over to sit next to her, she only did that when she wanted a favor or something of that sort and Fay didn’t want to get caught up with her so she pretended as f she didn’t even see the girl. Instead she sat down next to Hayden’s brother Ivan. Ivan was he boy that most girls coveted; he was cute and athletic like the word jock was made personally for him. Fay knew sitting there wasn’t a good idea, she could feel people staring at her. She just stared forward as if this science lesson was the most important in the world. She got lost in thought from time to time, daydreaming about her and Brandon being together. She loved him but was afraid that if he knew, their friendship would get all weird. Fay snapped out of her reverie when Ivan touched her.
“Hellooooo” he whispered slightly shaking her. She jumped a little
“Umm sorry, what?”
“I think Mrs.Demogorgon’s gonna ‘ He was cut off by her death stare.
”Call on you next “ he whispered quickly when she turned her attention back to the bord.
“Thanks” she whispered back. He just saved her from detention. She vowed to properly thank him later.
After class Fay went to Met up with Brandon by his locker she wanted to see if he would go somewhere with her. She was getting tired of school, even though it had only been like two weeks so far.

Fay put her hands over my eyes
“Guess who?”
“Santa Claus?” I guessed jokingly I knew it was Her.
“No silly,” she said
I chuckled
“Umm no” she said with a Hispanic accent and giggled.
I spun around to face her making her stumble a little. She peeped because it surprised her. She was leaning on my chest; our faces were so close. I could feel Fay’s heart beating fast as I leaned in. I looked at her for an okay she nodded but barely. I smiled and closed in the space.
Brandon was ecstatic he was finally kissing her. She kissed him back it felt as time stopped and everyone was frozen but them.
“Brrrinng” the bell rang but they were reluctant to stop. . Fay pulled back; my eyes were still closed I smiled.
“Do you want to go somewhere with me” she murmured.
“ Where “ I opened my eyes
“Anywhere but here “ she pleaded with her eyes.
“Sure” I closed my locker
we walked down the hall and out the door hand in hand.

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salllysunshine said...
May 4, 2012 at 11:00 am
sallysunshine said...
May 4, 2012 at 10:59 am
this is a beautiful storyy :)
Kidd_Kam replied...
Jun. 13, 2012 at 7:41 pm
thank you :)
KaliiFlow said...
Feb. 8, 2012 at 11:50 am
Kiasia i'm so proud of you! This is a beautiful story girl ( ; Ayyyyye!
Ri-Mugga replied...
Feb. 8, 2012 at 11:52 am
Hey, i don't know you but this story relates to my life so well lol i love you. Lil B's proud too.
Kidd_Kam replied...
May 15, 2012 at 11:19 am
thanks Kaliyah and Riley, Lol i love you guys <333333
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