Gay or not to Be Gay, that is the question.

February 1, 2012
By Jakae SILVER, St. Cloud, Minnesota
Jakae SILVER, St. Cloud, Minnesota
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Got to ask myself one question. Do i feel lucky? Well, do you, Punk?

The day I first met her, I didn't know that I would date her after I came out as gay. She was beautiful and intelligent, but she was kind and gentle as well.

I came out during eighth grade, first to my friends then to my parents and relatives. At the time, Mary Jane* was one of my best-est friends, so she was the most accepting people in my group of friends. After a day of being out to her and my friends, I asked her to go out with me, like girlfriend and girlfriend. She said she would think about it and will let me know the next day.

The time I waited was like torture to me. I liked her and I couldn't wait to brag to my parents and other friends that I was dating. My mom and step dad thought being gay was wrong, and my dad and his partner, Bob*, was accepting of what I was, so I could lie to one and tell the truth with the other and everything would turn out fine. It wasn't until that Monday (I asked on a Friday.) that I started bragging.

We dated for a total of seven months I think before we broke up. Her parents found out about us and asked(encouraged very strongly) that we broke up. But it was the most accelerating experiences in my life.

Thanks Mary Jane, and what you have done for me.

The author's comments:
This was my first relationship in real life so i turned to into a fiction story.

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