January 30, 2012
By Broken-Silence SILVER, N/A, New York
Broken-Silence SILVER, N/A, New York
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"Megan, are you okay?" "no, greg and I got into this
huge.....again""oh what happen this time?" "he saw me hugging another guy and he got so jealous and he started yelling at me and saying i was cheating" "wow, he is such the jealous type, what are you going to do?" "I don't know, but i cant take all these fights anymore....i think i should break up with him" "yeah, i think thats the smart thing to do" "i guess, but i just hope he will allow it" "what do you mean allow it?" "never mind, i gotta go bye" "okay bye"
The next day...... "hi greg" "what do you want?" "I'm being nice don't give me attitude!!" "okay, i'm sorry" "it's okay, i think we need to talk" "okay,was up" "lately we have been fighting a lot....and i think we should just take a break and have some space." "are you breaking up with me?" "yes, i think.....i just think we need a break" "please, don't do this.....i love you" "i'm sorry, but i need a break.... i cant keep fighting with you' "fine... whatever....but you will regret this!!!" "it's not like we wont get back together" "i bet you'll find someone else, but do whatever you want" "okay, i'm sorry" "whatever, just don't come crying to me when your life is ruined for breaking up with me" megan left after he said that. she had a bad feeling about what he said. she knew he really did love her but she couldn't keep on loving him. they were not a good couple. they always got into fights and he was always getting so jealous.
the next day she went to school the worst thing happened to her. there were posters of her all over the school. she knew exactly who did this. now she really did regret it. he made posters that said she is a cheater and is a prostitute!!! all the guys had the posters in their hands now a rumor had started about this. she was sos embarrassed and ran into the bathroom. there was a girl named isabella who followed her into the bathroom. she asked megan if she was okay. megan said no he is going to ruin my life. isabella said greg right? megan looked up at her and said yes, how did you know. isabella looked at megan and said cause he did the same thing to me. megan looked at her and said really, how did it happen. isabella told her everything and megan told her that was exactly what happen to her.
they decided to work together so that greg wouldn't do this to any other girls. they worked all day and night. when they finally finished. they had made a website all about the things greg did. they made flyers and gave it to everyone int eh school except greg. as soon as school finished every single person in the school was on there website. people were commenting on posts, pictures, and they liked the website. now they had the whole school on the website....... except greg. the next day greg went to school and he was being teased by the girls and boys. he was so upset. he went to his friends and asked them what is going on. they laughed at his face and told him about the website. he ran to the library and went on the website. he was so embarrassed by everything that was on the website.
he went to megan and told her why she did this and she looked at him right in the eye and said " cause your a jealous two faced guy, and you deserve for everyone to see what is really behind you clear blue eyes. they need to know that there is more of cuteness there. they need to know that there is evil in you!!!" greg looked at her and said i'm sorry and ran away.
he really was sorry so megan and isabella took the website off. but no one ever forgot what was on it. they knew his true self. and he did deserve it. since then megan didn't talk to greg and she got a new boyfriend. she really did love her new boyfriend and he loved her. greg also got a new girlfriend, but he never forgot about megan. he knew what he did was wrong and now he regrets it. but he was happy cause megan had helped him change. he was a better boyfriend to his girlfriends. megan didn't talk to him, but greg went up to her and told her i just wanna say thank you. megan said why. he said because you made me see how i was a bad boyfriend, so now i have changed and i'm a better boyfriend. and its all cause of you, so thanks. megan smiled and said it was you to, you choose to see your mistakes, and now you have learned from them. he said thanks and i'm sorry for everything that happened between us. megan smiled and said its okay. greg said well we can be friends...right? megan said yea sure, well i got to go now bye. greg smiled and said bye see you later

The author's comments:
this piece was to explain how someone can ruin/ change your life in a second.

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on Feb. 8 2012 at 1:25 pm
Broken-Silence SILVER, N/A, New York
8 articles 0 photos 6 comments
hey, i meant to say huge fight. sorry i was typing fast

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