January 17, 2012
By Maylissa Maxi BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Maylissa Maxi BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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It was a repetitive rumor or as they call it facts about him. At times I would find the same story being repeated, and that is how I knew it was true. Hatred, unwanted and offended was exactly the 3 words that could best describe how I felt. It was more of an unbearable feeling that was waiting to be explained for everyone claimed he was cheating.

When it came for him to tell the answer to this suspicious act, it was always as hesitation in his words. Then he laughed as if all this was a joke and it felt more like a stab in the heart in another word it was: “A deadly smile”. It killed me to know that this was true. Although he denied that it was a false rumor but who was I to take his word for it.

I liked him…actually I liked him a lot but I couldn’t bare the pain inside my heart and I know I had to block the voices within me, telling me to do the ultimatum decision that I would probably regret for the rest of my life. I wanted to get away from my toughts ,I wanted to escape them...For this feeling was unbearable.

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