Is It Really Just Another Crush? Part 2

January 17, 2012
By Loveis.... BRONZE, Northbrook IL, Illinois
Loveis.... BRONZE, Northbrook IL, Illinois
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Yes I knew it. From the second we locked eyes I could feel the chemistry. True I am a child, not even a teenager, legally i guess. But for some reason I knew, I just felt it! Now this isn't one of those"He's the one I'll marry!" type of stories where I'm horribly wrong and he hurts me terribly. This story is something I hope you all can relate to. This is for you, Celia,to read when your my age and to guide through the decisions I've made. Notice, little Celia, how I didn't call them mistakes. They will be merely poor decisions that will lead me to pure happiness or heart wrenching sadness. But whether they were decisions or mistakes to you I guess you'll have to decide my darling. You are what I hold dearest to me more then any of these stories I am about to tell you. So sit tightly little one and read. When it gets sad and to hard to understand my motives promise you'll keep reading. Although I haven't been through these stories yet I still can assure you that they will probably change the way you think of me. Or, I hope. Well anyways back to the story. Boldly I smiled at him, still bound at the hand with my new friend. This must have been a funny sight for him. He laughed at me, the peculiar girl running past him. It didn't make me flinch a bit. I quietly and gently whispered in her ear,"Who was that blonde boy over there? The tall one?" I asked, careful not to point. "Oh him," she started with a nod of her head in his direction, slowing down so we don't hit anyone in our jog, "that's Bradley. I guess you can call him Brad if you can call him anything. We've been friends since the two of us were born. When we were little we even planned on marrying each other! Isn't that funny?" She said with the same grim and distaste in her voice she'd had since we've met. She did seem like a sad angry girl and she still hadn't smiled yet. I wanted to get to know her more. Obviously since she was my first friend I had that obligation. Maybe she'd smile if we became closer. She led me alittle further down the hall, all these little girls that must've been my age waved at me with broad smiles, until we got to a cirlce of girls. They were all so glamorous looking on their first days at school. I looked so dowdy compared to them. A teal blue cotton shirt with a bow at the hip and a dark denim skirt with my new gold sandals. I had been so proud of my outfit this morning, but standing here near them I felt intimidated. I felt a chill that could have been excited equally mixed with fear. But why? After all these were going to be my new friends. One of my first decisions at this school. Lets see how it plays out Celia...

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