Down and Out

January 18, 2012
By gabriella garzon GOLD, Hammoton, New Jersey
gabriella garzon GOLD, Hammoton, New Jersey
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Once upon a time

There was an old beat down town, where gossip was key to fitting in. last year we had a straight A student ,she nothing wrong. People say she never knew how to have any kind of fun. So she let her guard down for one night. She was drinking and smoking. People who didn’t even know her were starting worry about her. She meets this guy Anthony who was really shy but he did something very wrong.

She spent one full night throwing up her guts. She went to the store and got pregnancy tests. Then she went home to her bathroom to see her results they said positive. Victoria is in a lot of shock the room feels like it is spinning and her heart feels like it’s going to jump out of her chest.

Victoria decides the pregnancy test wasn’t right, so she calls a doctor and makes an appointment. So she tells her mom, she’s going to her friend Jamie’s house. Victoria thinks to herself it’s not all a lie. So Victoria grabs her purse, and then heads to her black with red flames Chevelle. That’s parked by the rose bushes, Victoria drove to the doctor’s office, and she told them she needs a pregnancy test. So the nurse made her pee in a cup and they took the stick in and they pull it out and the test tube says positive.

She gets that sick, dizzy, and tired feeling back inside of her again.

The nurse asked, “Her are you okay sweetie.”

She was only I remember that night how Anthony looked. She keep thinking of Anthony’s cute smile, his eyes how they are like jewelry, how his hair was as black as night.

The nurse asked her again, “Sweeties are you okay?”

She says, “Yeah I was just thinking.”

On her way to Jamie’s house, she’s so confused about how to tell her family and how to tell Anthony. She can see in Jamie’s old country house. Victoria pulls off the road, to fix her long curly dark brown hair and takes her green contacts out to show her blue eyes show. She had to hold her tears back from falling down her face. The warm wet salty tears, just running into her mouth.

She decides that if she can’t tell her family maybe she can tell her best friend Jamie. She pulls into the long dirt drive way were she see’s Jamie’s little brother and sister playing. Then you hear the joy that rose up from within her and she can hear her friend’s siblings running towards the car as she shuts off the engine. She reaches into the back seat and pulls out purple and blue bags. The one bag she hands to Nikki the purple bag that contained all kinds of makeup and jewelry. She hands josh the red bag that contained parts for his bike. The two sweeties both gave Victoria a huge hug. Then Jamie walked outside with her black short shorts on and her I heart countrymen shirt on, her long golden blonde hair, and her baby blue eyes. She walks over to the car and throws her arms around me like she has missed you kind of hug. I can’t help but wonder if something is wrong.

We walk in the house together, and went to her bed room. She had remodeled her room her room was blue cheetah print walls with a lot of party lights and so many pictures hanging on her wall. I look over at one of the pictures and see it’s me and her dressed as cheer leaders. We look so cute though, with our pink tails, and with tons of make up on. I look at the picture and laugh at the craziness and funny things we have done in the pass.

I look at Jamie with my head down a little. Tears started to fill my eyes and I tried to hold it back. But sadly I couldn’t hold it back anymore. I broke down and cried. Jamie took me in her arms, softly patted my head, and she whipped the tears from my eyes. Jamie spoke ever so sweet in her low tone voice.

Jamie said, “What’s wrong you can tell me anything Victoria.”

So Victoria told her, “Well you remember that party when I went to that party? Well I am pregnant.”

Jamie looked at me stun and said, “Omg are you keeping the baby? How are you going to tell your parents? Are you going to tell Anthony?

Victoria said, “Wow slow down Jamie. Yes I am going to keep my child. Well I am not sure but I’ll think of it. Anthony I am not even telling him.

So the Jamie went down to the kitchen to make dinner for her family. Her mom works at a bank and her dad well won’t be home till next year. Her dad is in the army fighting for our rights. Victoria grabbed her stuff and went to the kitchen to tell Jamie she’s going to take a long drive to the beach.

Victoria pulls up to the beach, to see Anthony is standing with his two sisters and his older sister Ella yelling at him. Ella holding her daughter Gloria, with Colin, standing by her side. They look like just a happy family.

She ponders upon if she and Anthony will ever look like that from a far. She wonders what she would name the baby. Then wonders if Anthony and her will be like Ella and Colin, because they look so happy together and Ella makes me want to have her life.

Victoria climbed up out of her car, and walked towards the beach, and she pulled her black jacket the put her hood up while looking down at the ground to get by the crowd of people. She hurried through everyone so no one would see who she is. Some people would laugh at her and pick on her for being pregnant. With her emotions running around like crazy, she didn’t want to cry in public. Her phone rang and it was a text from some guy Shawn.

Her text said, “Hey Victoria it’s been a while since we’ve talked. But how are you is everything okay. Remember you can tell me anything, you know no matter what it is. You’ve been there through thick and thin.”

Then Victoria is really stressing out and is worried about her friends being mad at her. So she decides to not tell her anyone but Jamie, and that’s only because she trust Jamie. So she went home and went to sleep.

Well when Victoria was sleeping she didn’t know Jamie knew who Ella was. Well at Jamie’s house Ella came over, and Jamie made her some hot tea and some cookies. They sat on the porch swing in the pale moon light. The breeze went a chill down Jamie and Ella’s spine. So they got up and went in the kitchen and started making some biscuits and gravy. Jamie grabbed two round smooth black plants from the drainer. While Ella grabbed the warm hot biscuits from the oven and cut them in half. They put on the plants and poured some gravy on top. They sat on the couch and ate their wonderful meal they worked so hard on.

Ella said in her sweet angle voice, “Jamie what’s on your mind you look as if you have something to say?”

Jamie replied, “Well your brother kind of got a girl pregnant and she doesn’t know what to do.” “I told her go talk to you, but she said, “No thanks I don’t want her mad at me or getting into this mess.”

Ella, “why would she be scarred of me?” I know what it’s like to have a baby at a young age.” Also I rightfully understand why she feels so alone.”

Ella went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. She saw her new hair color; she was a blonde and saw those blue eyes everyone loved. She was waiting for results of her pregnancy test; she screamed of happiness her test is positive.

She calls her older sister Carolyn to share the news. Carolyn with her four year old son, her sister screamed of joy.

She asked, “what’s going on down in the southern states? How are our little brother and sister?”

So Ella replied, “Well our Anthony has a girl pregnant?” “Our baby sister Alex is fine staying out of trouble.”

Then all Ella heard after that was, “I’ll be there in two days.”

Then the phone hung up and then she walked down the stairs. Hugged Jamie and told her I have to go. Well I call you later tonight okay I love you get some sleep. She walked out to her truck and the roaring engine was like a lion.

She drove down to her house in the woods, the porch light was on. She can see Colin standing on the porch holding their baby; he’s also holding our two pugs.

Ella climbs out the truck, walks over to her husband and her perfect baby. Ella takes the baby to her room and puts her to bed. Then she plays with rosy her black pug and mark tan pug. Colin walks over and hands Ella a hot cup of coffee. They both set next to each other on the couch, and they started talking about what they are going to tell Anthony.

“Sweetie can I tell you something, well were going to have another baby.”

Colin say, “That’s wonderful, and why don’t you talk to Anthony with Carolyn tomorrow, though you’ll have to call her.”

Well, four o’clock in the morning, I could hear a car rolling into the gravel drive way. Then ring, ring! The door bell was going off but who could it be this early. Ella rolled out of bed on to the floor, and then she stumbles to her feet. She heads down the stairs and open the door to her sister. In a short black dress, with her long red hair, she smiles at her sister and then just walks in. then walks to the end of the hall way to the spare bed room. She laid on the bed and lets out a moan.

She tells me all about her life, ugh like I want to know it. I lived some of her life. So I zone out and all I hear now is blah blah blah. After telling me all that boring stuff, she goes to sleep.

So I wonder up stairs, to go back to sleep. But I couldn’t go back to sleep. Only reason why is because I tried and then the baby started crying. I went to the baby’s room to feed him because he was really hungry. Then I wonder down stairs to the living room and started watching TV then she fell fast asleep.

The next morning she woke up, then got showered, and got dressed in her black skinny jeans, with her insane clown posse shirt on. Her blonde hair in a pony tail also had her neon nails shined in the sun shine. With her baggie black high tops on. Carolyn flat red hair with a short black dress on and some black high heels.

The two of them walked out to the truck, they climbed in. then the truck engine roaring as they drove out of the drive way. They plain on surprising Anthony at work, they drove around the building to make sure he didn’t see them. They parked on the side of the restaurant; they both got out and walked in the restaurant. They sat in the far booth and lucky for Anthony he just went on break. Anthony really didn’t want to see his two sisters were he worked. He decides to walk over to them and sat next to Ella and put his arm around her.

He say, “What are you two lovely’s doing here?”

The two sisters said, “Anthony something you want to tell us, like with a girl friend or something?”

He say, “Heck no why do you guys ask.”

Ella takes her brother by the hand and said, “Well how is that girl. Umm what’s her name Victoria, oh so who’s the baby daddy? Wait has to be yours because um you were the only one.”

He screams out, “what ME! Omg sisters! What do I do?”

Carolyn told him, “Just relax god you’re not going die.”

Ella yelled, “Carolyn doesn’t make him think he’s going to die.”

Ella told him, “help her, and maybe fall more in love with her.”

Then Anthony grabbed a cigarette from Ella’s bag. Then stormed out of the restaurant and sat down with tears falling down his face like rain. Ella sat down on the sidewalk beside him and put her arms around him while gently rocking him back and forth. She kissed him on the fore head and told him call me.

Ella and Carolyn left to go home; Carolyn went back to Ella’s house. She curled up in bed and went to sleep. Ella walked up stairs to see her belly is huge. She’s lied to everyone about no being pregnant. As she was walking on the beach, she keep getting sick, and then her water was broke. Some people saw her water broke and one of them was a doctor. So they delivered the baby right on the beach in the sunset. Ella had another girl and gave her the name April because it‘s her great aunts name. The doctor still drove Ella and April to the hospital for them to make sure mommy and baby are okay.

Back at the Anthony house was insane. He never though after all these years he’d get a girl pregnant. He keeps asking himself, “What do I do?” He is puzzled by what his sisters told him. So he goes out and buys a criss-cross diamond engagement ring and he knows where he’s going to propose to Victoria. Anthony had to go shower and get ready to go to his graduation, where Victoria is giving the speech for his class, but isn’t graduating. She has only one more year left till she graduates. But she’s giving the speech for another graduating class so she get more credit. Victoria fixed her hair in a side ponytail with a blue flower in her hair, and with her new light blue dress. She looked in her full length mirror while sliding on her flat white dress shoes on.

The graduation was going to be at six pm on the beach of brighten. She had the graduation speech written on flash cards, and she was practicing in front of her kitten tori. Torus is a light brown and white with hazel eyes. In the middle of practicing the doorbell rang, so Victoria ran down the stairs without knowing or looking she open the door to see Ella at her door. In shock of seeing Ella she screamed, and then Ella walks in Victoria’s house. Her heels clicking on the wood floor, she had her light white summer dress with a dark blue jacket and a big dark hat. Ella almost looks like an uptown girl from the big city. With her blonde hair curled and lips painted red.

Ella said, “Hi Victoria how are you?” “Long time no talk to, huh? So how far along are you?” “Yeah I know I’ve already had my second baby girl.” “He’s going to be a real man now.”

Victoria replied, “Yeah it’s been a long time hasn’t it?” “Wow that’s really awesome!” “But what are you doing out of the hospital?” “It’s entire my fault.” “Why is he going to be a man now?”

Ella said, “I know a reason why and that’s all that matters.” “Come on I’ll drive you to graduation.”

So they both got in the truck, to the graduation on the beach. Then we all watched the people walk down the ally to their chairs. Then Victoria gave her short up lifting speech that moved the whole crowd. Anthony got up out of his seat got down on one knee.

Anthony asked Victoria, “Will you marry me.”

Victoria said, “Yes and kissed him.”

Then her water broke, she was rushed to the hospital. Then Anthony looked Victoria deep in her eyes holding her hand whispering in her ear. “It will be all right” she had tears running down her face like a river. In the waiting room people were waiting to hear the news. Then Anthony walks in to the wait room and screamed. It’s a boy!!

The wedding day is January first and their was invites going out. One of the invites is to long lost Cousin Kyle. They spent months finding the right dress, cake, location and so much more. So they decide where he asked her, be best place and cute too.

So it was January first the house smelled of burnt hair and hair spray. Flower girls nails getting done hair being curled, and make up put on them making look like their older. Flower girls in their sunset orange dresses, the bride maids in their light pink dress, French nails, and hair in buns. The bride herself with her long white dress on her hair half up and down, her nails getting done and her make up getting done.

Then at the men’s area tux’s flying around along with fresh black polished shoes. Combs and hair gel all over. The guys meant the ladies at the beach.

The limo rolled up to the ladies’ house and took them to the beach. They walked known the ally, last but not least Victoria. Walked over to Anthony smiled and they shared there vales as the sun was setting over the ocean…

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