January 26, 2012
By Alli Tompkins BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
Alli Tompkins BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
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Anger swept over Mandi’s body as she watched him get in his car. Jake was leaving her, once again, except this time she was infuriated, not heart broken. He drove away without a glance back, his red tail lights piercing the darkness while showing off the heavy rain. He had told her that he still cared, but then why would he have done all of this to her? He gained her trust and all of her heart back, then he stole everything innocent and precious from her. These last few years were all a lie, and Mandi knew that now, for she was left alone, standing soaking wet in the rain outside of her last high school dance.

She walked over to her car in her beautiful, colorful prom dress that was damaged by the rain. The only thing on her mind was revenge. Jake had treated her far too poorly, left her far too many times, and stolen far too many treasures from her that she could never get back, just to let him get away with it. But how could she make him suffer as much as she had? Mandi knew revenge was absolutely necessary, for Jake needed to pay the price of all the damage he had done to her.

Without another second thought, she drove to his best friend’s house, Josh, who had developed obvious feelings for her during the past few years. She and him were close, not just friends but best friends. When Mandi arrived to his house, he came to the door in sweats, holding a beer. He looked surprised to see her on this night, considering it was prom night, but he knew and could tell what had happened from the look on her face. Mandi curled up into his arms the moment Josh opened the door. He held her tight, treasuring the moment since she was the reason he didn’t go to prom. He couldn’t bare seeing her look so beautiful while with his best friend who didn’t treat her right.

“He didn’t do this to you again, did he? and on prom night?” Josh said. She could smell the beers on his breath.
“Oh come on, Josh. Like you didn’t know he was planning on doing this. You’re one of Jake’s best friends. He must have talked to you about it…” Mandi said, trying to hold back the tears.

“I really didn’t know he was planning on this. He stopped talking to me about you once you and I started to get closer. I am so sorry, Mandi. You don’t deserve to go through this again, especially with him for the third time,” Josh said.

She, crying now, was shivering from the rain, her long, blonde hair dripping. He brought her inside and let her shower off the cold and borrow some warm, comfy clothes. She curled up in his bed and waited for him to come into the room. She had got him to pity her and want to comfort her so easily. For a moment she felt bad for using him, but then the anger of Jake’s actions hit her again and the sad act came back to her. He came in the room with a beer for her and set it on the nightstand, along with a new bottle for himself. As Josh gazed at her lying there, all he wanted more than anything to just hold her in his arms the rest of the night, but he knew he couldn’t for it wouldn’t be appropriate. He decided to just sit next to her, but Mandi turned around and curled up against his chest and into his arms, again. He was confused for a moment and wondered if she had feelings for him, but he knew she just needed comforting, tonight.

“Thank you for being here for me. It means a lot to me,” Mandi said, still trying to put on an act, but meaning what she was saying. She looked up at him.

“I will always be here for you, Mandi,” he said looking down at her. She saw something she had never seen before. Josh loved her and she could tell. Did she love him, too? Or was all of this only to get revenge on the jerk who broke up with her on what was supposed to be an amazing night? She took a deep breath and looked back down, confused now. Thinking for a moment, she realized that she did love him. This was
never about revenge. She just wanted to be with Josh and finally share her feelings and herself with him. Her stomach dropped. She suddenly became nervous.

Mandi looked back up at him as he looked back down at her. One moment, that was all it took before he gently pressed his lips against hers. She kissed him back, excitedly. They felt as though an electric current was flowing through their bodies. Tingling passion leaped through them and they couldn’t resist each other. This was it and she knew it. His hand was tangled up in her long, blonde hair while his other hand held hers strongly but gently, just like the kiss. Her free hand grasped onto the back of his neck, pulling him in. She was completely intoxicated by his kiss, while he was in absolute ecstasy. They shared the rest of that night together like they never had before, not worrying about the troubles that would come out of their actions tomorrow. This was a new found love that was true.

Early the next morning while it was still dark, Mandi woke up to Josh’s arms around her. Cuddling had never felt so satisfying. Nothing had felt more right before and she realized that all the pain Jake had caused her through the past few years was just leading up to this point. She didn’t care that this might end up hurting Jake because she was finally happy and with the right guy.

She turned around and kissed Josh’s sleeping lip and whispered, “I love you,” and turned back around. As she started to close her eyes to fall back asleep, she heard him whisper back, “I’ve always loved you.”

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on Feb. 5 2012 at 10:54 pm
NeverBroken BRONZE, Chesterfield, Virginia
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I had a small smile on my face as I read this, it was really cute and i loved it. Great job!


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