Just a Single Pringle

January 25, 2012
By Andrea Baier BRONZE, Adel, Iowa
Andrea Baier BRONZE, Adel, Iowa
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Here I am. Just a single pringle looking for a hot dorito but apparently there are no hot doritos out there for me to find. Sigh. Time after time I’m the one who ends up getting hurt the most and I’m done dealing with stupid, frustrating men. How do they not get it? What is there not to get? We sit here and bat our eyes and laugh way too hard at a joke that was really just cheesy. How do you not get it when we like you? Another thing I would like to add is why are they all afraid of the big “C” word - you know commitment- WHY DO THEY ALL SHY AWAY. Do they not want to find someone that makes them happy and supports them and listens to them go on and on about sports and cars? I give up. They are all slowing killing the hope that I even have left that a Prince Charming will come. If men would just step up and put some big boy pants on and actually care and put some time into the freaking relationship then maybe there wouldn’t be so many disappointed girls out there dreaming of when their Prince will come.

The author's comments:
This is just kinda something I came up with out of the blue when I was frustrated with some guys in my life. I will gladly take any opinons or suggestions on how to improve so post away :)

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