January 25, 2012
Its 6:30 am and time to wake up for school. My alarm goes off and I slowly drag myself out of bed for the millionth time. I look up at my life-size cut-out of Robert Pattenson and stare deeply into his eyes. "He is so cute," I think to myself every morning. I walk into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth with my twilight toothbrush, Edward of course, and dry my face with his very own sweat rag I stole from his dressing room the other day. Officially ready for school, I head out to my silver volvo waiting for me in the garage. I turn around to back out and read my bumper sticker, "I Drive Like a Cullen." My entire life revolves around Robert Pattenson and his role in the most amazing movie ever to be created, Twilight. Driving to school I listen to the Twilight sound track and jam out to my favorite track, “Don't Speak”, written by Robby himself. At school, I don't have many friends. Everyone laughs at me. But, it's okay because one day when I'm married to Ol' Robert, I will be laughing at them.

My first hour is science. I had it changed to be like Bella's first hour in Twilight. I'm not as smart as her, so instead of Biology, I am in Conceptual Earth Science. After school I go home and check eBay to make sure I'm still the highest bid on Robert's lock of hair. Rob has my heart forever and always. After dinner I head outside to my car to grab my backpack and maybe do some homework or write more letters to my soon to be boyfriend, Robby. I look up and see a shooting star and say, "I wish I was Robert Pattenson's girlfriend." The night sky is so pretty. It reminds me of Edwards’s skin and how it glistens in the sun. Anyway, I head back inside to finish my paintings I make for Rob every now and then. Its 8:30, so I head to bed after a long day of time well spent with my photoshopped picture pillow with me and Robby. I kiss him goodnight and start my night of slumber.

Another morning, another day of day dreams about Robert. The day is the same as all days until fourth hour. The class is Algebra 1 A Foundations and some freak boy is in my seat turned around talking to some girl all nonchalantly. I walk over and slam my hand on MY desk. As he turns around his eyes catch my attention in a way I've never felt. I just couldn't look away! "Uh, you're in my seat," I say. Then the cute boy says "It's my seat now, yo," then turns around. I've never been so happy in my life. He must be new. I've never seen him before. Where has he been all my life?! So, I just move to a seat in the back across the room. I think I'm in love. But, wait? How could I forget about Robby like that? I couldn't. He is my one and only. But, those eyes of the new kid just mesmerize me. I have to look away. The bell rang and I instantly rush over toward him and say "Wanna sit by me at lunch?" He said something back but I guess I was too lost in his eyes to hear. "What was that?" I say back. But, it was too late. Some girl already had him by the hand walking away.

I sit by myself at lunch and normally write my letters to my boyfriend Robert, but not today. This boy had taken over my thoughts. I didn't even know his name but I sure knew everything else about him. I knew he liked apples instead of pears, chocolate milk instead of white, and that girl he's sitting with more than me. For now.

The rest of the day went by as planned, except I hadn't thought of Robert once. All I've been thinking about is Jacob. I don't actually know his name, but until I do, I'll call him Jacob. He was so nice to me. I'm home now and facebooking him like crazy. His name isn't Jacob. It's Peter. Like Peter Pan. We can fly the skies together and he can be kids forever. I already made a scrapbook of our first meeting. It's a picture of us I cropped together. I'm so excited for school tomorrow. I'm going to get to class early so I can sit in my seat and he'll have to ask me to get up. I can't wait. I'm just going to sleep until tomorrow.

It's morning. I'm in my cutest outfit, jean overalls with a matching teal turtle neck. I'm ready for school a couple hours early so I write in my journal about our second day together. I get to school and wait for the bell. It takes a while but it finally rings. First hour takes forever. I'm staring at the clock and thinking out my true love Peter until someone taps on my back and says "You dropped your pencil." I look back and see his award winning smile. I think I'm in love.

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Pistacchio said...
Feb. 2, 2012 at 11:54 am
I do like the idea of your story, but its too simple. if you know what i mean...:> The details still jump from place to place.
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