Break Ups

January 24, 2012
By Anonymous

I’m really nice but you don't want me , you can’t see if I’m right in front of you, but you don't want to pay any sort of attention to me it’s like I’m just a lust of air that you can’t see. I try to get your attention but you like to talk to him then you do me, may i ask why? He cheated on you two times and I would of not cheated, you know I’m more responsible then he would ever be, he has been to jail once and you’re not scared of him, I never went to jail or even come close to it, but you’re scared of me when I beat the guy that harassed you. I don't think you know when you see someone beat up someone else for you that mean that the person is defending you not working against you, or just beating someone else for fun. I hope your happier with him then you where with me. I'm just going to give up with you I'm moving on and when he breaks your heart don't coming back for me because I will be gone and I won't want you any ways for the things that you did to me. Good bye

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