The Engagement

January 18, 2012
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Camel colored meadow grasses are getting ready for winter while sparse patches of green are still intertwined. Walking along the trail, barely visible tiny dust clouds rise up from the parched ground. Dusty air slowly rises and grips my throat suffocating me until I stop walking. Almost as if a Port Wine cheese spread painted the sky as the sun hid behind the horizon. Bitter air brushes my hair to the side as it runs past me. Sunflowers are smiling continuously even though dark and dreary winter is approaching quickly.
Beyond the meadow of sunflowers a clearing appears the sun shining down on it as if it were a little piece of heaven. Brody told me it would look just like that. Walking through the sunflowers, the muffled sound of a motorcycle is in my earshot. The wind runs past me again as if they are playing a lively game of tag. My hair wisps into my face blurring my vision. Getting closer the motorcycle’s voice is roaring across the countryside. He pulls up in the clearing setting the bike on its kickstand gently. Greeting each other is straight out of a movie as we are running towards one another in a field slowly.
The letter that I held in my hand crumbles in our tight embrace. When he is picking me up off the ground I feel like I’m flying. Walking over to his bike he pulls out a bouquet of sunflowers my favorite. My eyes close when I smell the sunflowers. Lowering my head as I breathe in my nose collides into a hard object. I can’t even open my eyes, but my mouth spreads into a toothy smile and tears build up. One managing to escape down my cheek. He lifts my chin so we meet eye to eye. Opening his mouth slightly so the words come out melodically and beautifully.
After reading her latest letter, I was coming home filled with joy and excitement. I grasped the small box in my hand I remembered all of the reasons I wanted to marry her. The way she smiled when she was embarrassed. I loved her more than I have ever loved anything in my entire life. More than a little boy with his first baseball and glove, she’s my Helen of Troy. In sight of the meadow I spot the sun shining down on her face like an angel sent from heaven. Her tears and my laugh empty into the air, scooping her into my arms like a shovel and snow. Time stops and we stay in each other’s arms for what feels like years. Loving every second of it.
I take the sunflowers out of the bag on my bike, her favorite. Turning around to that smile spreading across her face, my favorite. The small box in my pocket reminds me of what I want to do. Blending the small brown leather box into the flowers I hand over the bouquet adoring her every move. Locking eyes I can see the tears damming up her eyes, laughing slightly I get down on one knee. She and I never break eye contact, one of the most romantic staring contests ever. The sun was high in the sky still making her face angelic.
Like a raging river the words “Will you marry me?” flow out of my mouth.
Her tears roll out of her eyes one by one marching down her cheek. Barely able to speak she vigorously shakes her head yes. I love her. She loves me. We are getting married. My dream, our engagement, has finally come true.

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