The Heart Tattoo

January 16, 2012
By MollieKate BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
MollieKate BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
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As the nights wore on I could feel my heart beat echo in my ears. Faster, it always needs to be faster, but is it possible to reach a limit? A time when you can go no further? I know somewhere someone is searching for me. All I wonder is who wants a heartbroken, tall, lanky, blond haired, blue eyed, fifteen year old named Mikayla Mills?

Walking on the white sand beach the moonlit water looked almost fake. Examining the sand something caught my eye. It was a pair of black and white headphones. Without hesitation I put them on. Suddenly wind came out of nowhere and encased me in a cold coffin. It raised me ten feet into the air, I tried to look, to see, to breathe, but no I was completely paralyzed.

Desperate to see where the wind had taken me I rose my head finally after what seemed like hours of failed attempts. Opening my eyes the once gloomy July night in Kittery, Maine became an incandescent room teeming of white furniture. Sitting up I took the headphones off and walked to the door. Right as I was about to reach it a man in a black suit came in. He was a tall, plump man, with a scary stern look and bad breath.

“I am Vincent Noir, he explained, I am the head of the White City. This city is a place where the best memories are created. Many people live here, and we would love to have you be a member yourself!”

“I don’t know about that. Do you have any coffee?” I asked fidgeting with my jacket string. Saying yes, he lead me down a hallway of rooms in what seemed to be a hotel. I found it strange that not a thing had any color to it except for white but I didn’t mention it. Eventually we got there and Vincent told me he would be back in about one hour to show me my room.

Sitting down I got my coffee, which was oddly white and had no taste at all. Deep in thought someone came over just in time to shatter my concentration.
“You cant be hanging around Noir, he will imprison you here and make you stay!” exclaimed a guy who looked just my age.

“What? No he is here to help me and he wants me to say, he says its great!”

“Well my name is Trent, and it’s not great, I used to have color! I used to be real and live in your world, but now I am stuck in this foul White City!”

“I got to-“ I stopped midsentence because something very intriguing caught my eye. A tall, handsome boy about fifteen walking down the street had me in a trance. He was radiating colors, literally, with each graceful step this brown haired, jaw dropping, heartbreaker took the color from his shoes seemed to emit it onto the sidewalk and it would come right back to him as he walked away. I could not help to notice though, a tattoo on his left hand. It was a chain necklace with what appeared to be a half heart on it.

I asked Trent about him and he told me no one knew him but everyone loved him. If he didn’t have a name I would call him Gill it seems mysterious enough. Anyway Trent and I walked to his house together and he told me that if I went to the Garden of Luck and I picked the yellow rose I could go home.

Slowly as I fell asleep that night I could hear a voice soft and slow. It whispered with infinite doubt and left me paralyzed. With each dazzling word he left me with goose bumps. I felt as if my heart had been melted away and something encased me in a blanket of trust. The last thing he (the man in my dream) whispered was, I love you.

I woke up to the dull songs of the white birds. As I washed my face in the bathroom something caught my eye, on my right hand a chain tattoo appeared. It had nothing on it unlike Gill’s but it was very strange.

“Geez, I said to my reflection in the mirror, I dreamed a dream while I’m dreaming all this. Surely none of it can be real, right?”

Walking into the kitchen I realized I forgot about Noir, I guess it was a good thing though, seeming that he wanted to trap me here forever.

“We don’t have much time, urged Trent, we need to get you that flower now. Its only two blocks away lets go!”

Running down the block we were about two steps away when I saw Gill again. He was perfect strutting along not a care in the world. I was in love. Breaking my stare Trent picked me up and put me in the garden.

Trent eagerly said “Pick the stupid flower, Vincent is coming!”

“Bye Trent thank you for all you help”, I shouted. As I picked the flower it felt like the wind had been knocked out of me and suddenly I blacked out.

Waking up I opened my eyes to a world of color it was beautiful. Good I knew I was dreaming, but in the corner of my eye something wasn’t right. Beside my bed a white door was in the wall. Placing my trembling hand onto the doorknob I realized I still had the chain tattoo. As my right hand reached the handle the other half of Gills heart appeared onto my hand.

The author's comments:
This was inspired by my best friend i will forever be in love with him.

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