Is It Really Just Another Crush? Part 1

January 16, 2012
By Anonymous

I was afraid and I was lost. I had no one but my little sister, my little brother and my mother. But sadly they would be no help to me at a new school, I realized this as they walked me in. Then a few short minutes later my mother was gone. With a kiss on the forehead and a squeeze to my body, she set me free. I was left with my two little siblings, terrified as I to be starting off fresh. "At least we didn't move!" I said to them. I sat us down on one of the benchs in the cafeteria where the students that arrive early are to wait for the bell. We all sat on the same red, hard bench. The room was cold but bright and children were playing basketball. "Weird," I started to think aloud,"there are basketball hoops in the cafetetaria!" This made the little ones laugh, which made me proud. Celia, my little sister at the small age of eight, was crying small lonethsome tears. Funny how the whole summer I spent wretching on the floor of my room for my beloved school, my loyal and dear friends! This was definitly an odd time to decide to start crying. My little brother at the age five, Steven, was starting kindergarten. Although this transition was crazy for him he did not spare any tears for he had been so utterly bored at preschool he had begged my parents to send him to a real school. Thats when the bell rang, while I was deep in thoughts of my siblings. I grabbed their hands and led Steven to the kindergarten teacher and handed Celia to a nice looking girl who told me she could take her. I watched as Celia wiped away a tear and she smiled at the girl. "My name's Celia!" She said. "I'm Olivia. It's nice to have new kids here!" She hooked her arm in Celia's and they galloped to class. How nice to be younger. Friends were made so easily. There wasn't really any problems to deal with. Or so I thought, but that comes later in the story. I hurried to my locker. It was on the end of a long row of tall old rusty lime green lockers that clashed badly with the yellow ones across the off white flooring. I carefully turned the dial on my lock, just like how I'd practiced with my mother the week before, and it snapped right off. All the supplies I had put there, on the open house where every one brings in their school supplies, was neatly arranged by class and color. A short girl came up to the locker next to mine and swiftly and with no problem popped her lock open. "Hi, the names Charlotte." She said, not turning to the side but doing a little half wave with her left hand. She was pretty, with tan skin, dark straight hair that was most likely flat ironed and big but squinty eyes that still haven't looked my way. "New kid I'm guessing." She said with 100% assurance. "How'd you know?" I said somewhat sarcastically. "This is a small school, like really small." She paused turning to look at me. "Everybody knows everybody and whatever happens in the grade the whole grade knows about ten seconds later. Which doesn't really matter cause nothing ever happens here." She rolled her eyes and grabbed my hand. "Let me introduce you to my friends." She gliding down the ugly hallway with such grace and beauty. While we were walking down the hallway my eyes met with....him. He was a tall blonde skinny boy. I didn't know his name yet but I could assure myself that I would soon. I had to know that boy, and judging by the look on his face he felt the same way about me.

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