Small change

January 19, 2012
Sometimes life can be bumpy and sometimes it can be smooth, just like a road. Sometimes it hard to predict where the next turn might be on a road, just like life we don’t know when that surprise change is going to come are way. My life isn’t like that it’s more like a highway road. I’m ignored and unnoticed. I’m the rusty car that knows one sees. I could change that so quickly.
I jump out of bed thinking about whether or not I could handle change. I grab a blue V neck shirt and jeans, the usual. When I go down stairs I grab a bowl and Cheerios, the usual. I cut eight banana slices like usual and slip them into my bowl. My mom walks in and criticizes my outfit as usual. I get to school five minutes early like usual.
I didn’t ever want to change, change is what made my little cousin die, the doctors thought a different medication might work. Change is what took me apart from my friends back in Texas and brought me here to Central Oregon. I thought about my friends and I walked down the halls of my old school, we didn’t care about the mean looks and glares we received we just laughed and joked. I thought about the fun we had at the gross cafeteria tables…… my thoughts were interrupted, my binder was in mid air the papers flew in every direction as if it were the first time ever being free of my binder. The last book in my hand managed to break free of my tight grasp. I looked up; my eyes met Gary Carters the smart guy in my class. His bottle glasses were on the ground, I reached down to hand them to him. When he had them on he ran off. “Just great” I sighed; I knew I would be late for my biology class.
The bell was about to ring and there were only a few pieces of paper left to gather up. I reached out my hand to grab them and as I did I heard a sweet, dauntless voice “Are you in need of assistance?” I jumped; I wasn’t expecting Ben Davis to ever talk to me let alone anyone else. I regretted picking up those last papers it could’ve been like in the movies, the guy runs into the girl her stuff goes everywhere and as they reach for the last paper ZAP true love.
“Well…..Er…… I think I got it covered” I said as my heart sank. I had liked Ben he was the football captain and baseball legend at school. The first day at my new school I had liked him. Later that day he requested me on facebook, the delicate sound of a mouse click let another change slip into my life, instead of 43 friends I had 44. It’s just stupid facebook it’s not like a friend request means he like me I kept telling myself. The next couple days he would talk to me and surprisingly enough we were paired up as lab partners.
A few nights later while I was doing my biology homework my phone vibrated. When I looked at who it was from my heart skipped a beat. I opened the message with anticipation. There were five words;
Small Change is Big Change
That next morning I put on my jeans and then borrowed one of my mom’s pink blouses. My blond hair flowed out behind me instead of in a tight ponytail how it usually was. When I got to school everyone stared it was as my old rusty car had turned into a Ferrari. When I opened my locker a whole bunch of balloons popped out. There was an envelope beneath them all; when I opened it a handful of shiny coins slid out and in them were a slip of paper it said
‘Ashley well you make a change and come to prom with me?’
I turned around and saw Ben standing there. I smiled thinking about the text my dad sent me.

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youngwriter10 said...
Jan. 25, 2012 at 3:37 pm
I accidently posted the unedited version!!! :) sorry
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