The Sickness

January 7, 2012
By BVBchick123 BRONZE, Manassas, Virginia
BVBchick123 BRONZE, Manassas, Virginia
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“I love you..” The three words I thought I would never hear, especially from his voice. It was slowly moaned at a monotone voice. The tears swelled up in my eyes starting to roll down my ivory cheeks. The love I had for this person could never ever be replaced; it was forever bonded into me. Our souls were meant to be but not our physical bodies.

Everyday school seemed to get more and more like a ghost town. First it was two then ten now fifty victims. The cause, well no one knows. The school board tried to hire everyone they could to make sure the food was safe and the water was filtered, after all it is a boarding school. I was one of the few who seem to be immune to the “sickness”. The others seem to be dying off minute just as the victims. The victims were kept in a containment dome that could only be entered by the bio-hazard people. Every time I walk by it the hair my spine stands up. The reek of sickness and death overwhelms the atmosphere.
“Creepy isn’t it.” I jumped suddenly from being startled. I turn around to see a familiar face, ahh yes he is in my biology class. I nod my head. He reaches his muscular tan hand and gestures to shake it. I reach forward and embrace his hand.
“What’s your name? I know you’re in my second block bio class.” I whisper. I wasn’t very much of a conversationalist.
“Oh my name, let’s keep that a secret since you should know by now, but I know yours… Cassandra or Cassie for short.” He smiles. I know his name it’s on the tip of my tongue.
“Blaise, that’s your name.” I gave him an I-told-you-so smirk. I start headed toward class. Blaise catches up with me soon enough and offers to walk me to class.
“I wonder how we’re still healthy considering we are dying off one by one..” His voice faded and became still. I walk into my class and thank him for his walk. Suddenly an alarm went off.
“CODE RED! CODE RED!” the P.A was thundering. The students suddenly stopped their conversations, and the expressions from their faces was transitioned to a pale shade. The door bursts open with bio hazard people and then the P.A comes on.
“The bio hazard people have come in to provide you with a mask. Please put them on for the “sickness” has spread at an even more dangerous level. The victims have not died. I repeat they have not died; they are walking through the school…” The head master’s voice gurgles and the P.A makes an irritating screech. Our English teacher runs out the window breaking the glass and he splattered all over the ground. The mortified students start panicking. The bio hazard people point pistols at them; they all sat down and shut their mouths.
All throughout the school weeping and tears hit the linoleum floors. The bio hazard people are steady watching for any sudden moves. I guess this is their way of protecting us but by the looks of this I had a feeling we were all doomed. I couldn’t afford to think this way. I look through the sorrowed halls and find Blaise sitting against the wall looking up at the white ceiling. I wonder what he was thinking to all this almost apocalyptic setting. Thinking to myself I’m grateful not having siblings, I would not want them to go through these cold dark moments.
“Hey you, what’s your name?” I look up from my cradle position slowly working my eyes towards the voice. It was a bio hazard guy with a tag on his jumpsuit that says Phil.
“I’m Cassie Wells…” He writes it down on a notepad and precedes his duties. After a while of sitting they let us talk amongst the others. Blaise comes over and stands next to me giving me a warm feeling, a safe feeling.
“How are you adapting to this chaos?” Seeming like he has no fear, I give a no fear response too even though, I was scared for my life.
“Fine, I mean..umm I’m not sure how I’m supposed to react to something like this.” I look down to not give off my fear.
“Stand back! Stand back!” Phil the bio hazard guy has his pistol raised at a girl. I can’t see her face though to clearly recognize it. Suddenly a small blow of the pistol goes off and the girl falls to the floor. Liquid starts running everywhere, the liquid it wasn’t red, it was black. Everyone goes to a corner not wanting to catch the liquid on them. Phil takes the girl away through the dome. Blaise and I back away from the black pool. All you needed was a drop of that on your skin to set the sickness pumping through your functioning body. It’s even worse because the sickness has gotten stronger. The once students of Westmore Academy are now the walking dead.

A bio hazard guy takes of his helmet and brings up the megaphone to his lips. “Your headmaster was bitten by a contaminated student, he was shot. The student escaped before we could get to it.” Small whimpers and weeps followed. I couldn’t cry as much as I felt sorry, I couldn’t. No tears could explain the emotion inside me. The megaphone sounds again. “Also your parents were notified, they didn’t take it too well, but we told them if you guys were let out it could contaminate the whole city. By any circumstances stay in the building close to a Bio Hazard personnel. A boy shouted “How long are we going to be in here!”
“We can’t say yet. I’m sorry.” The megaphone guy put his helmet on and walks into the dome.
“So much for going to the movies today.” I murmured to myself, well I guess not.
“Oh yeah? What movie.” Ironically enough I was going to see Night of the Living Dead.
“Well I was going to see Night of the Living Dead...” I half smiled almost wanting to burst out laughing.
“Really? Why see it when you’re living it.” He half-hearted a smile. We both start laughing. The students turn to look at us with disgusted faces. I couldn’t help but smirk back at them.
“Let’s get out of here Cassie.” Blaise is breathing into my ears as he whispered it. I hesitated. My body was inches away from Blaise, I get goose bumps and a sudden urge to touch him but I resisted.
“How? This place is full with bio hazard people.” He gives the thought a second and starts moving through the crowd.
“Excuse me?” Phil looks at Blaise.
“Yes?” Phil gives Blaise an eyebrow raise. What is he doing! Trying to get us killed!?
“We need to go the bathroom.” Blaise’s voice sounds real but a little hesitant. Phil nods his head and speaks.
“I’ll take you both make sure you guys are safe.” Blaise nods his head and follow Phil giving me a signal to follow. We walk past the hallways until we find a bathroom. Blaise sticks his hands forward to let me go first. I walk into the bathroom and I hear rustling outside the door. I walk out to find Blaise holding Phil in a choke hold. He holds him in the position long enough to not let Phil breathe. Blaise drops Phil and drags him to the supply closet next to the bathroom stalls. He takes his radio and pistol.
“Only way we could get out, he’ll wake up soon enough. I took anything he would use on us.” Blaise shuts the door behind him and locks it.
“Did you just really do that? We are going to end up in jail!” My breathing gets heavier, to the point where I almost have a panic attack. Blaise grabs me and we sit on the floor. He comforts me, telling me it was okay.
“While I’m here with you, I’m not going to let anything happen to you.” I raised my head from his shoulders. That’s when I suddenly felt that love at first sight, technically, was true. His deep hazel eyes stared deeply into my grey eyes. I get close to his face, and suddenly our lips touch. Normally, I would have thought my first kiss would have come in a relationship that I have been already in for a decent time. When Blaise kissed me, I knew in my heart that we were meant for each other. I knew he felt the same way I did too.
“I’ve been wanting to do that since ever since I saw you. I never talked to you because I was afraid you wouldn’t have gone out with a guy like me.” He was right I wouldn’t have. His reputation around school wasn’t exactly my type of guy. It’s weird how opposites do really attract.
“Blaise, we need to go back. It’s not safe here. You heard the bio hazard people! The victims are around the school somewhere and if the bio hazard people were to find us here. We wouldn’t live to see tomorrow! They would think we had the sickness and automatically kill us.” He shuts my mouth by giving me another kiss. I can’t help but melt into the kiss. He stops and pulls away.
“Don’t worry. They won’t find us. I have a pistol. Remember?” He shakes the pistol. Blaise is right I didn’t want to be here anymore than he did.
“Shh! Do you hear that, footsteps! Let’s get into the bathroom.” We quickly get up and run into the bathroom. I shut the door and lock it. The footsteps get closer. I start shaking but Blaise’s arms find their way around me. He holds me tight. The door starts to shake, we back into the corner. We hear it unlock, is this it are we going to die. The light shines in, I cringe into his arms. Blaise gets the pistol out. It’s a Phil and another bio hazard person, a woman. They raise their pistols ready pull the trigger. I hear the women scream and multiple pistol sounds go another direction. I open my eyes; Phil and the woman are on the floor bleeding. I turn my head more slightly and see that there was a victim on the floor too. It was a guy, I don’t know him. I see Blaise with the pistol at his side. There are tears in his eyes.
“Blaise! What’s wrong?” He looks at me
“That victim on the floor was my best friend and I just shot him.” He jumps out of the bathroom.
“Come on we have to get out of here before they come looking for these two.” I jump and follow him.
“I’m sorry, about your friend. Must have been hard to shoot him.” He stops walking.
“Listen let’s about talk about this later. Right now we have to go.” I look down at his leg, there’s a spot of black blood, the blood from his friend. I back away getting tears in my eyes.
“Blaise look at your leg.” He looks down and realizes the blood. He looks fine but he doesn’t have much time until he starts getting muscle spasms.
“Cassie, take the pistol and leave.” He hands it to me.
“No! I won’t leave you.” My tear bursts like a waterfall. A guy I just met and possibly in love with, is leaving me. This is not happening, not now.
“Cassie! Listen to me! Once I transform into a victim, I would kill you. Now go!” I shake my head furiously.
“No Blaise! I can’t leave you here.! They would kill you!” He grabs me. I want to kiss him but the sickness is already in him. He hugs me and whispers into my ear.
“ I love you.. Cassie Wells, and if I die I’ll always be with you.” He hugs me tighter and gives me the pistol.
“There they are! Get them!” The megaphone guy and two others run towards us.
“Run Cassie! Get out of here!” I kiss Blaise on the cheek. I’m in shock, but manage to get my body moving. If this is what he wants, I’ll do anything to make him happy.
My life changed today, meeting Blaise and falling in love with him is ridiculous but leaving him was worse. I won’t find another guy like him was dedicated and sweet. I was meant to be with him, if they let him live I’d be with him even in his sickness form. They would never let us be together though. This is what true love really meant and I finally went through it.

The author's comments:
Well I had to do a project. the project piece is different but it inspired me to write this witty love story.

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