A Few Centuries

January 14, 2012
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Alone in the world she sat, waiting for someone who would never come. He couldn’t come. The pain and guilt eating at her heart and soul. Everyday regretting that one moment.

Azmara was cursed to live in a meadow in a dimension forgotten by time. She never aged, she never sickened, and she would never die. One might even envy her if she wasn’t faced with eternity alone. No one else lived in Azmara’s dimension.There were no animals to whisper through the underbrush and there were no butterflies waltzing above the golden meadows. The only things besides Azmara that breathed with life were the plants. The only movement was the stirring of the leaves in the breeze.

Azmara’s world was filled with great beauty. Her dimension was saturated with vibrant color. The rivers,crystal clear, sang out as they raced past. And the breeze swept up the smell of wet earth and crisp autumn leaves.But despite all the beauty in her world she enjoyed none of it. The colors blended together in her eyes and turned to shades of grey. With no one to share her dimension with she felt trapped in a dark prison devoid of light and color.

The one thing that kept Azmara sane was the viewing wall. Near the tree line of her meadow there was a tear between her dimension and the next one over. Although she could not fit through the tear it was big enough to look through. In time she found that she could even move the viewing window throughout the other dimension to follow different people. Azmara spent most of her time looking into another world, one that she knew she could never be a part of. She would watch everyone going past and sometimes she would follow different people through their day.

One of her favorite people to watch was Jacob. He was the most amazing person Azmara had ever watched. In the mornings he walked to work from his New York City loft to the fire-station where he worked. During his day she observed him diving headfirst into peril to save others from burning buildings. She followed him day after day, attracted to him by his courageous deeds and his compassionate nature. Jacob was also a hero when he wasn’t working at his job. Jacob repeatedly stopped to help women carry their groceries. Azmara even saw him help a little boy find his parents when he got lost.

Jacob did not act put out when he helped people. He really loved to help, he always had a smile on his face. Jacob was naturally a cheerful man and he was very easy going. And on top of being a great person Jacob was also handsome. He was tall with a dark brown mop of hair and forest green eyes. He was in shape but not the kind of shape that takes all day at the gym. He dressed casual in cotton t-shirts with dark wash jeans and blue high-tops. The only problem with Jacob was that he had made Azmara fall in love.

Generally people love to be in love, especially girls, but Azmara hated it. She hated being in love because she knew it would never be returned. Not only was her love not returned but he didn’t even now she existed... he actually couldn’t.

One day while Jacob was at a fire Azmara saw a wooden beam about to fall on him. Azmara couldn’t bear the thought of Jacob getting hurt. She was so frightened by the thought that she cried out to him. She knew that he couldn’t possibly hear her but she screamed the warning all the same. The strange thing was that for a second he looked with an expression on his face that indicated that he had heard her and then he moved. The beam fell down where he was previously standing and he left the building unhurt. From that point on whenever Jacob was in trouble Azmara just yelled out to him and he remained unhurt.

Some days while Jacob slept Azmara would scan the world, it was like watching the news but in real time. One day in the year 2001 Azmara heard people from the middle east planning the takeover of multiple planes. Intrigued Azmara just watched as the plan unfolded over time. On September 11 she watched as they took over different planes, and then as they reeked havoc on the American people. Azmara regretted not warning someone but she did not even know if anyone would hear her so she had kept quiet. She tried to put it out of her mind until Jacob was called into work...the twin towers had been hit. Jacob went to the station and dressed and then reported to the towers. Azmara watched him walk into one of the towers and then she watched as the tower fell down around him.

Days after the attack Azmara watched as search parties combed the ruins, hoping they would find Jacob. As the days passed her hope diminished and her soul broke into smaller and smaller pieces. When they finally gave up on finding anyone alive Azmara gave up her heart. She locked it away and tried to forget. After all the loneliness and heartbreak she could not handle caring about anyone else. When she locked her heart away she also stopped watching the other world. In a few centuries Azmara knew she would forget the pain of loving and losing, forget the guilt of inaction, and maybe she would even stop feeling the emptiness of being alone.

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