Actions Speak Louder than Words

January 10, 2012
By JessMcCutch SILVER, Franklin, Wisconsin
JessMcCutch SILVER, Franklin, Wisconsin
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"If you do what you've always done- you'll get what you've always gotten"

The man walks in from the garage, holding a full paper bag- takes and places it on the bench as he gently slides his shoes, coat and gloves off. Hangs his coat and keys up on the hook and is instantly greeted by his dog as he kneels down to pet her with a grins.
All while- the woman in the kitchen standing over the counter, chopping carrots and green pepper pauses as she looks up at the clock the second she hears the door open and the man’s keys jingle, she then expresses a relieving smile as she goes back to cutting up the veggies.
The man glances towards the kitchen entrance with a slight smile, as he breathes deeply inhaling the delightful aroma of what was cooking. He stands from petting the dog and picks up the paper bag and makes his way around to the kitchen.
The woman is now at the stove stirring a pot, as her back is facing the man. He places the bag down on the island and reaches into his pocket, pulling out a small jewelry box and smiles as he walks towards her.
The woman turns around with a wide smile showing her bright white teeth, the man smiles as he gently places his lips on her forehead and brings her hands to meet his.
She looks down with confusion to what she was then holding.
“What is this for?” as she says beaming while opening up the box and expresses complete admiration and looks into his eyes.
“It’s perfect for tonight” he says, joyful, and gently reaches for it and takes it out of the box. Placing the box over on the counter, as his arms reach around her neck as the woman turns around and he clasps the piece on.
She places her hand on his heart with the other on hers, as she widens a smile while slowly looking up into his eyes, as hers began to gloss.
The doorbell rings as it seizes both their attention, he again kisses her on the forehead with a smile and heads to the front door.
The woman walks over to the island and smiles, as she sees the paper bag with the groceries she asked for. She unloads the bag and the guests walk in with joy and happiness, as the woman couldn’t keep her smile off her face and her eyes off her husband.

The author's comments:
A drama that shows love with out the words "I love you" by how they are towards one another, and what they do for eachother.

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