Just Choose Already

January 9, 2012
By Anonymous

Seems like every day we make each other cry
I look down at my key board letting time fly
Wishing I hadn’t made us a mess
I just feel deep down an urge to confess
That I want us to be more than friends
But that only depends…
You say things can’t go back to how it used to be
But can’t you see?
I make you laugh
I make you cry
I make you happy
And I make you mad
But most of all I make you sad
I wish to change it all
I wish for you to make me fall
Back into the deep black blinding hole
I call love, its deep in my soul.
It’s what makes me breathe
With a large heave
Dear lord, I can’t stop thinking about you
I hope it’s the same with you too
Wanting to just fall asleep in your arms
Protecting me from all life’s harms
Our own little world I wish to make
But for god’s sake…
It won’t happen again unless we dream
I’m falling down to the last little seam
I can’t take it anymore! Just choose
Just think closely about who you’ll loose
Either me or her
Which do you prefer?
For now it’s neither, until you pick
But all this waiting is making me sick
I can feel the millions of tears
And the hundreds of fears
All welling up inside
It feels like all my emotions are trying to collide
I try not to let my heart spill out on the page when I talk to you
But it’s just as hard to keep my feelings a secret from you
I hurt inside when you say you wish to die
But I can’t help but say, “So do I”
If only you read this would you might understand
I want you to forget all pain and take my hand
Lead you away from everything so it could be just you and me
Out in a field under bright stars you could see
Just keep in mind I’ll always welcome you with an open arm
And no matter what I’ll always fall for you pretty boy charm

The author's comments:
I wrote this at three in the morning a long time ago after talking to my Ex who was trying to choose between my best friend or me

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