December 14, 2011
By sadieburgess BRONZE, Somersworth, New Hampshire
sadieburgess BRONZE, Somersworth, New Hampshire
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Be yourself, everyone else is taken.

She was the girl He wouldn't, couldn't, shouldn't have been Caught dead with.
He was in the Most-Popular-People-In-The-School group, while She was in the Are-We-In-The-Middle-Or-Dorks? group. He wouldn't have been Caught dead with Her.
But as the two sat in The Cold Room, learning the When Am I Ever Going To Use This? subject, something changed, something in the air shifted; He looked at Her and began to ponder His ways.
Her hair was brown, nothing special or different, but it leaped from Her scalp and cascaded down to the bottom of Her bra strap, in magnificent curls and waves that went This Way and That, following now established pattern except to rebel. Sometimes Her bangs were straightened, and nice looking, while others, they did the same as the rest of Her hair. It was never, or rarely, tugged back, normally just falling as it did. He couldn't have been Caught dead with Her.
Her scent was a mixture of a spring breeze-probably Her deodorant-, hair products, mint, and cherry chap stick. It was nice. But different. He wouldn't have been Caught dead with Her.
Her nose was rounded, and just lightly sprinkled with freckles- not enough, but not too little- It was average size, but still a bit unconventional. He shouldn't have been Caught dead with Her.
She looked over at Him, there in The Cold Room, and held His gaze.
Her eyes were an icy blue, but they gave off a sense of warmth, nonetheless. Could He be Caught dead with Her?
She smiled at Him, showing Her teeth. Two were missing on one side, right next to Her front teeth, and one was missing on the other, again, right next to her front teeth. But He smiled back, still holding Her gaze.
"You two in the back," the Teacher called, "are you talking?"
"Wha- No!," She said.
"I'm dropping your grade by five points!" the Teacher decided.
She immediately shut up, not one to cause problems, though they both knew it was utterly unfair.
"You know what, I'll drop it ten!" the Teacher reannounced.
She suddenly had tears rolling down Her cheeks. Education actually matter to Her, even if it was When Am I Ever Going To Use This?.
Class ended, and She filed out, without a word to Him, which was odd, different, unusual, and so unlike Her, though the first three words could all describe Her.
And suddenly He would, could, should have been Caught dead with Her. Caught alive with Her, even.
She noticed He was back in Their room late. But when He got there, He walked directly up to Her.
"The Teacher isn't taking any points off of your grade, she's just gonna take fifteen points off of mine," He told Her.
"Why?! Fifteen is way too much!" She exclaimed, still grateful, though. "Why would you do that for me?"
"You were mad at me after," He whispered. "Besides, we need to be Caught together alot more."

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