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December 14, 2011
By Crazygirl2 BRONZE, Danville, Vermont
Crazygirl2 BRONZE, Danville, Vermont
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In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends


"Milisha wake up stay with me don’t you leave me again not now you promised me that you would keep your heart beating for as long as you live you said no matter what happens you would stay alive for me"“and I told you I will stay alive no matter what for you“ ,"Damn it Milisha stay with me stay awake they are coming to help you just hold on" “I am sorry for leaving you please don’t leave me I will stay with you please Milisha“ “sir I need you to stand back ” “No I am not leaving her” ”sir do u want us to help her or not please stand back”

I heard him crying was the first I have ever heard him cry I could feel him pushing on my chest, putting air into my lungs, I was falling it seemed like falling into a deep dark hole My hearing was off and on I could hear him crying I wanted to reach up and kiss him and tell him that I love him but I couldn’t. my body felt like it was burning it was a agonizing pain I wanted to scream help, but when you die your life was lived and there is nothing you can do about it and here I am falling, burning and there is not a damn thing I could ever do about it....I heard a man he was talking and arguing with Beau this is what they were saying “sir I need you to stand back ” “No I am not leaving her” ”sir do u want us to help her or not if you do please stand back” At this moment I hear a buzzing noise also a high pitch ring then the word
"clear" all of a sudden my body jumped I could hear a man he said "I’ve got a pulse do it again stat she is slipping".

I could hear those same sounds again then the word "clear" I could hear my heart start beat and the burning it was gone my eyes open but it was all a blur all I could see was two men hovering over me but then everything went black and so was my hearing, faintly I could hear now “milisha honey if you can hear me squeeze my hand" after he said those I tried to squeeze hand around his for a good 5 minutes nothing happened then I heard a gasp my fingers tightened around his hand by now my eyes were open and I could see his face clearly I could see in his beautiful green eyes that he was relived that I was alive...Now that I have your attention your probably wondering how I got into this whole situation..

It started on my seventeenth surprise birthday party my mom woke me up for my birthday present from her and dad we went outside that is when I saw a car my favorite car the car was a Lamborghini I was so happy my dad gave me the car of my dreams it was also my favorite color green dad threw me the keys my mouth hung open in shock that they would give me a car for my birthday present. I ran up and gave him a hug my mother was not home so I could not thank her because she went to work early I got into my new car and put on my seat belt I took off to Ilyssa's

I pulled up at Ilyssa's house to show her my new car I honked my horn she peek out the window her eyes were huge she came out and hopped in on our way to school she sang to me "happy birthday to you happy birthday to you""thank you, like my new car mom and dad got it for me""yeah she’s a butte" for the rest of the way to school it was a awkward silence until we got to school as we were about to park a senior parked beside us the car was another Lamborghini.

The driver got out it was my boyfriend Beau. I ran to him and kissed him we went inside the school all the teachers were singing "happy birthday to you". As the day went on my day just kept on getting better and better my boyfriend kissed me for the first time in the nine months that we have been dating. I got to sing with ilyssa in front of the my music class and a few reporters. After the performance the reporters came up to me and ilyssa they gave me and ilyssa a few complements then one of them came to me and said my voice sounded like skyler gray I told him thank you and said excuse me but I have a math class to go to and I don’t want to be late and get in trouble with the principle again he told me goodbye and gave me his card as I walked away I looked at the card the card said manager I was shocked I thought he was a reporter as I kept reading the card then I realized that he was the manager of the singer skyler grey as I turned the corner and screamed I was talking to the guy that knows and works with my favorite singer in the entire world. I walked into ms.Norhiems room I sat down next to Beau and Ilyssa just as I started to get comfy the intercom came on and our vice principle Mr. noise said that we have a assembly that we need to go to in 5 minutes. So me and the rest of the class went down to the gym I sat down and Beau came and sat next to me he tapped my leg to get my attention when I turned to look at him I saw him Pointing to a black haired women I told him that she looks familiar.

She did look familiar I felt like I knew her from some where as she turned around I gasped and I realized that it was Skyler Grey my favorite person in the whole world was here in my school. As she started to talk everyone started to scream and cheer she told everybody to clam down and that they need to sing happy birthday to a very special person everyone turned and looked at me they said that I was the very special person Skyler told them to sing happy birthday to me as I got up everybody started to sing I started to walk down as I got down to the last step of the bleachers they finished my birthday song . Skyler gave me a microphone she told me to sing as I took the microphone I saw the manager that I was talking to earlier he was telling me to go ahead ,do not to be nervous like I was before just let it flow the song started and I started to sing invisible during the song beau got up and left. I stopped singing I dropped the microphone and ran after him I opened the gym doors

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