We found love.

December 13, 2011
It was a long dark hall it seemed like it was leading no where at all. It felt endless as i walked and walked. But never would I stop for i would find what i came here for. That is indeed love. As i finally arrived at his door barely being avol to breath. My breath was heavy, my plams were sweaty, I was feeling a bit light headed. Just the thought of him did incredible things to me. When his name came up in a sentence butterflies instantly came to my stomach. As I stood their at his door flash backs of all the memories we shared came to me. Our first date at the fair. Laying in the field on a blanket looking up at the stars thinking nothing can break us apart little did we know that wasnt true. The thing that broke us apart was us. We were so much in love but that didnt stop the fighting at 2am on the phone. Long nights staying up crying or the hurt i felt in my heart. Today i was on a mission to get you back and i wouldnt leave until i did so. All night i thought and thought of ways to get you back and i knew that a plain "Sorry", wouldnt work this time. I had to make you miss me and want me more then ever. I came up with a master piece atleast in my mind it was. I would make a book and it would be for every little thing I miss about you. That would show you i never changed or stop caring. The book started a little something like this...
1 When I looked into those deep blue eyes i got lost in them.
2 You would do anything I wanted even if that ment watching a love movie.
3 You treated me like your world
4 You would never do anything to hurt me.
5 When i get mad and walk away you follow me and say everything is going to be okay.
6 You always said I was beautiful even when i had sweatpants on.
7 The sweet smell of your shirt when i wore it to bed.
8 Your strong arms around me.
9 Your kisses that made my heart drop.
10 Everything about you.

***** As i just got out of the shower someone knocked on the door. Who could that be i thought. When i opened the door....no one was their just a picec of paper folded in half. As soon as i picked it up I knew it was from her. It smelled like honey and i knew her hand writing. I had no clue what this could be about and was excited to read it. As i picked up the paper, memories started playing in my head. The night I took her to dinner and we stayed there just talking. Smiling every time her name poped up on my phone. My heart was hurting thinking of those amazing days together. I opened up the letter read the first line and broke down in tears.
**** Thinking back on that day the letter saved everything. Lets just say there isnt any more hurting or wishing.

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