I Love The Way He Love Me

November 30, 2011
I love the way his eyes shimmered no matter where we were, the way his boots clicked when he walked, the way his wranglers fit tight around his bull rider butt and legs. I love the way he looked at me when i wouldn't shut-up about how much i hated his ex girlfriend that wouldn't leave him alone, the way he walked like a true country boy. I love the way his voice sounds when he tells me he loves me, the way his beat up Chevy still runs good, the way he leans while driving, the way he holds my hand, the way he kisses me goodnight. I love the way he talks to my father, love the way he looks while he shoot his gun, the way he has no fear, the way he rides the bulls and never complains when he gets hurt, i love the way he jokes with me, the way he holds me when i cry, the way he taught me how to drive a stick. But most importantly I Love The Way He Loves ME!

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