The Hospital

November 30, 2011
By Rayneonme PLATINUM, Newton, North Carolina
Rayneonme PLATINUM, Newton, North Carolina
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As I walk into the hospital I look around, searching for someone who could tell me where he was. I stop when I see his mom walking towards me. I can feel my face growing red and I just want to turn around and leave but I can't. I have to stand up to her.
"What are you doing here?" she asks, giving me a look that would kill if it were possible.
I pull my shoulders back and look her straight in the eyes, pulling forward as much courage as I could muster.
"I'm here to see my friend whether you like it or not," I said with a voice so calm it surprised me.
"I think it's best you leave, you are not wanted here,'' she turned to go when I grabbed her arm.
" I know I messed up in the past but I am not going to lose my friend again just because you can't forgive me when it is clear that your son has. I've paid my dues and now I just want him to be okay so please just let me see him," I kept hold of her wrist so she couldn't walk away without responding.
She stared at me for several long, agonizing seconds.
"You can see my son, but know I still don't like you,'' she told me, looking me in the eyes.
"I know that ma'am. Thank you,'' I drop her wrist and start down the hallway.
"Room 105" I heard her call from behind me.
I started running, feeling my heart beat against my chest as hurried to get to him. I couldn't tell her I loved him, hell, I couldn't even tell him that I loved him. I stopped right outside his door to catch my breath and try to get calm.
After I was breathing normally I walked in to see him laying on a hospital bed with the sheets pulled up to his waist. The doctors had wrapped his head and waist in bandages to cover the cuts and bruises. I walked slowly up to stand beside him. For several seconds I stood there and watched him breath. Not knowing what else to do I grab the chair by the window and pull it up to sit beside him. I grab his hand and hold on, hoping and praying to my lord that he will wake up soon.....

"Dj, wake up" I heard a voice say before I felt someone shaking me.
I open my eyes to find my aunt standing there with a pizza and a mountain dew. I look over at the reason I was here and sighed. He was still sleeping.
"The doctors say he's in a coma. He hit his head pretty bad in the crash and they don't know how long he'll be like that. You need to come home. You can't stay here all night," she told me, knowing I didn't plan on leaving.
"I'll be okay but I'm not leaving his side. I want to be here when he wakes up," I said, looking over at him again. I saw my aunt look at him from the corner of my eye. She stared at him and then at me.
"Okay, I'll be back in the morning to bring you some breakfast. What should I tell the school?" she asked, laying the pizza on the table.
"The truth. That I refuse to leave someone I care for because of school. I can make the work up after school when he wakes up," I said with a hint of an I-dare-them-to-say-I-can't tone.
She nodded and gave me a hug before leaving. I stared at the pizza box for a while before grabbing it and setting it in the hallway. I wasn't in the mood for food at the moment. I went and sat back in the chair, this time pulling it up a little closer to lay my head on the side of the bed. I grabbed his hand and laid my head on my arm, waiting for sleep to come......

This pattern went on for a week. His mom would come in, at first telling me I wasn't wanted, then to simply putting another blanket on him. His dad came in at least once a day, never giving me a second glance, to check on him and to talk to the doctors. My aunt would come in to bring me breakfast and dinner, staying long enough to make sure I ate some of it and then leaving again.
I woke up on the eighth day to find a warm blanket over me and his mom sitting on the other side of him asleep. I got up quietly so as not to wake her and placed the blanket over her. I smiled down as she slept, knowing she was probably hurting more than I was. He was her son after all.
I sat back down and took his hand once again. I just sat staring out the window for a long time before I felt my hand twitch. Rather, something in my hand. I turned my head really fast to see his eyes starting to open. I held my breath as he looked at his surroundings, stopping on me. I saw his eyes go wide and then a small smile crept up on his face.
I got up, letting go of his hand, and went to his mom. I shook her gently and looked at him when she opened her eyes. She turned her head and started crying when she saw he was awake. I left the room to give them privacy and started walking down the hall. I heard someone call my name and turned around to see his mom.
"Thank you...for staying with him. I'm sorry I was rude but thank you," she said with tears still in her eyes.
"No, thank you. You let me stay and watch over a friend. Thank you ma'am and give him a hug for me. I think I need to go. I'll see him in school hopefully," I nodded and stepped on the elevator that had just opened.
When the doors closed I released the breath I'd been holding when I saw her coming towards me and I felt myself slump against the wall from exhaustion.
Good bye my friend, I thought, I love you and you will never know.

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on Jan. 26 2012 at 10:18 am
This story was amazing!!! I always knew you had a talent for writing. I couldn't be more proud of you, girlie!! I've read all of your poetry, too, and it is all very good! Love you!

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