New Beginnings

November 7, 2011
By TopazPenthesilia SILVER, Bangalore, Other
TopazPenthesilia SILVER, Bangalore, Other
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I could tell by his face that he was angry. The expression on his face told me that he was hurt. Not only hurt but also extremely angry and let down. He never expected me to lie to him for so long about something like this, he said. He told me he was extremely disappointed in me and that he saw no future for us if this were to continue.
Well frankly, if you ask me, I don’t think I did anything wrong at al. I loved him, with all my heart and love is no sin - Whomsoever it may be. So what if he was our driver? Dave meant the world to me. He did, he does and he always will. I had never been loved, so dearly, by anyone. Our bond was certainly one of a kind. We had no barriers and we felt for each other, with all our heart. It all went perfect until that night - the night that my husband saw us.
I was coming home from a party and in the car; things got pretty heated between Dave and me. We were both in a crazy mood and couldn’t keep our hands off each other. This was not a surprising thing. Things like this happened to us quite often. My husband had begun sleeping in a different room about a year back. Things hadn’t been good between us since then. I was depressed and then, Dave happened. Our long-standing driver, Derrick had just quit and my husband hired a new driver - Dave. I ended up spending a lot more time with Dave than I spent with anyone else since he was our chauffer. Somewhere along the way, I started telling him all about my life and my problems with my husband. He understood me completely. All my friends thought it was silly. My mother thought I was being a bad wife. My sister felt that I was just aspiring for too much and I should be happy that I have such a rich husband. I was going insane. I did not know where to turn for sympathy. However, when I spoke to Dave, he made me feel like I wasn’t all alone. I felt loved and happy after a long time. Eventually, our friendship grew into a strong and long-lasting love.
Every evening, he would park the car and come up to my room. We’d sit and talk for hours on end. Our relationship began as a completely non-physical one. Eventually though, it got physical. He’d come home every evening, up to my room, usually stay the night and leave the house early so my husband wouldn’t realize. Little did I expect that my husband would ever walk into my room on us!
Like I said earlier, Dave had just picked me up from a party and we headed home. My husband wasn’t home yet so Dave decided to come up to my room. However, that was the very day that he decided to walk into my room. He caught Dave and me together. He was furious! Dave quickly walked out of the room and left. My husband, it turned out, had come to sort things out with me. Apparently, he had met an old friend that evening and his friend had brought him to his senses and had helped him realize that it was time to figure things out with me. However, after he saw me with Dave, he saw no need in even talking to me. He told me how disappointed he was that I had lied to him about such a big thing. I could see that I had truly broken his heart!
He decided that he did not want me anymore and said he was moving out and starting anew. He said he wanted to file for divorce and that he was leaving town. He left that night.
I was utterly mortified. I dialed Dave’s number but could not get through. I tried him day in and day out. However, I could never reach him! I finally went to his house in search for him. Nevertheless, they said that he had left town. I was completely lost.
Well, so much for my happy ending! I guess that is where my story ends. I now, at least have a fresh page to write my new life story on; complete with new characters…

The author's comments:
I wrote this story because I believe that a lot of the time we don't realise what we have until we lose it. Love, too, is one of these things. Love also brings so many "what if"'s into our lives.

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