The Closet

January 5, 2012
By mgrave SILVER, Oswego, Illinois
mgrave SILVER, Oswego, Illinois
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Searching through an old drawer, I stumbled upon, by divine chance, the key to her apartment, my ex girlfriend. What an interesting find, this is. I think I shall go for a bit of snooping.

With a click, the door opens. It has been a few good years since i was last in this apartment. that musty smell meets my nostrils, all to familiar, however. There is clutter everywhere, and the paint on the walls is still peeling, though worse now and there is a bit less of that disgusting and distastefull yellow color left. Still a very downtrodden and for all purposes crappy apartment. She is at work right now, as I remember correctly this being the hour of her absence. I walk right through the livingroom and kitchen combination, and go into the bedroom, comprised of a single bed and an old wardrobe. I decide to do a little peeping in the closet, so i open the closet door, at the same moment I hear the front door creaking open. With haste and silence, I dash inside. I peer out through a crack, and see her come in, followed by one of my very good friends. They go and sit on the bed. She wispers something to him, and they begin to passionatly kiss. Their hands are all over each other, awkwardly groping around. The closet smells horrid, probably from a dead mouse rotting in the back. They are becoming more intimate now, the room starting to heat up with the lust of their interaction. He says something to her then, I being out of earshot though. Suddenly they stop, and she sits up, ajusting her shirt. "You"re an a**!" she yells. "You're just like my ex." He just stares at her with an idiotic and dissapointed look on his face. She gets up, and says she is going back to work. They leave, him with his tail between his legs. I quickly sneak out after them, my tail wagging high and proudly.

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