love comes from the heart

January 6, 2012
By , ocala, FL
Love comes from the heart

I always had a normal life, nothing special just average. My name is Ashley Smith one of the most common names in the world. I didn’t care much I just blended in and went along with life. That's until my sophomore year changed my life.
The first day of my sophomore year was just like any other day of school. Getting up early, going to class with the same old people until third period. I walked into class dragging along as normal. I hated English. I was horrible at it. I walked up to my teacher and she told me where my seat was, I sat down and prepared to keep my self awake. It was at that moment when he walked in. He was tall with long brown hair blue eyes and the most amazing smile. He seemed shy yet sweet and somewhat interesting. He had to be new. I had been going to school with the same boring kids since kindergarten, but I never seen him. He walked over to the teacher they walked for a minute then he said, "thank you" and walked away. Amazingly his seat was the one right next to me. At first I was thrilled until I thought about it for a moment. That’s when I panicked it was then I realized I probably looked like cr**. What was he going to think of me? Would he look over at me and freak out? I had to talk to him, but how without looking like a complete idiot? I was lost. Then my thoughts were interrupted.
"Hi, I'm Ryan."
"I'm ummm Ashley."
"I like that name. I'm new here."
" Oh, well I can show you around if you want?"
" Cool that would be great"
I survived are first conversation. I was relived except for the fact that I offered to show him around witch meant more talking. Having a conversation with him was so hard, not only because I can barely talk to my own mother but because his smile was so amazing and I could barely focus. After class I walked over to my locker to grab my books for next period. As I was closing my locker I was startled to see Ryan standing there. I felt like a complete fool for screaming.
"Hey sorry if I scared you" he said with a grin across his face
" Oh no it's fine, I just wasn’t expecting you"
"Would you rather me come back later?" He said.
"Nooo! I mean no it's fine stay."
"Okay then, So do you want to come eat lunch with me?"
"Sure I'd love too."
At lunch neither of us ate we spent the whole time talking and getting to know each other. He was even more amazing then I thought. He played the guitar, sang and very smart. Ryan was very talented and almost to perfect. I discouraged myself thinking nothing would ever happen between us. He was to great to like someone like me. I was slowly coming back to reality when lunch was over I was ready to go back to the real world away from my fantasy. Just then he came up behind me and grabbed my arm.
"Hey. I really enjoyed talking to you, would you eat again with me tomorrow?" He looked worried.
"Of course I would love to."
"Great then, see you tomorrow." He suddenly looked so relived
The rest of the day went on just as I thought it would boring and exhausting the only thing that kept me awake was my thoughts. All I did was picture Ryan in my head. His perfect smile the way his voice mesmerized me with every word he said. I couldn't stop thinking about him even if I tried he was like no boy I had ever met.
I went home that night and thought about what I could say to him tomorrow so I wouldn’t look stupid. After hours of day dreaming I got tired and laid down. That night all I could think about was him.
I woke up the next morning extra early making sure I looked perfect today. Nothing could ruin my amazing mood. I got to school and walked down the hallway to my locker to find him already standing there waiting for me.
"I see someone decided to get to school early." I said grinning at him
" Well I didn’t want to be late for my tour." He said sarcastically.
"Oh right, well let me get my books and we'll get started."
As we started walking down the halls I was getting so caught up in his voice I almost forgot I was supposed to be showing him around. I had to cover several times after walking in the complete opposite direction of where we were supposed to be going.
"Your different." He said without even looking at me.
"Different good or different bad?"
"Good! Your not like all the other girls here or even anywhere I've ever been."
"Oh." Was all I could say.
"I mean your more down to earth your not stuck up like every other girl. Your quite, you don’t care what other people think or say and yet your so sweet and fun to talk too."
"Well thank you then. I kinda felt the same way about you your not all about being the best football player in the school or getting all of the girls and you come in on tour first day to a school where everybody knows everybody and you act like it's nothing. I think that’s what I like most about you."
"Same here."

The next couple weeks went by things were amazing. Ryan and I became good friends and hung out every day a month later me and Ryan were at my house working on an English project.
"Hey Ashley...."
"I as wondering, do you want to go out tomorrow night?"
"Like on a date?
"Exactly! That’s what I had in mind."
"Well, that’s sounds great then."
"Cool. So I will pick you up around 8:00?"
The next night Ryan picked me up and we went out to dinner then he took me on a walk along the beach. As we watched the sun set it was a magical, then he took me home. As he walked me to my house he kissed me goodnight that was are first kiss.
The months went on. Ryan's dates kept getting better they weren't just your average go see a movie and go out to dinner. With Ryan they were always special. With a great memory from each one we didn’t spend a day apart. He walked me to all my classes then would come over to study and have dinner almost every night. I thought no matter what it was nothing in the world could separate us.
After a while prom came by and of course I was going with Ryan. That night was amazing. We had the best time and hung out with are friends, then we danced. That’s the night I will never forget because during the last slow dance Ryan told me he loved me.
Time went on and we were as happy as we could be. We were in love. Are sophomore year came and we had almost every class together. We planned to graduate high school then go off to college together. We were going to get an apartment and when we finished college, get married and start a family of are own. We had are whole lives planned out. We were determined nothing would stop us from living it.
A couple weeks later is when I realized are plans would shatter.
"Ashley is something wrong?"
"Ashley I'm worried what's going on talk to me?"
(I started to cry)
"I love you please tell me what's wrong"
"Ryan I went the doctors the other day"
"So then why have you been gone all week? Why haven't you called me?
"Ryan I'd rather talk to you in person about this"
"Fine, then I'm coming over now!"
(Dial tone)
Within twenty minutes the door bell was ringing. I walked down the stairs and answered the door.
"Hey Ryan"
"Sorry about earlier"
"It's okay, do you want to go for a walk?"
"So are you going to tell me what's going on?"
"Ryan at the doctors the other day...." I started to choke up.
"Ashley it's ok you can tell me."
"Ryan I have coronary heart disease."
"What! What does that mean?"
"Ryan the doctors said if I cant find a donor to replace my heart then I have three weeks at most to live."
" No, no this cant be happening. There has to be something we can do something to stop this"
"Ryan it's no use unless they find a perfect match before mine fails...."
"I cant let this happen. I cant. I love you...."
"I love you too"
That night Ryan and me sat and cried together for hours. We were lost. hopeless, confused and in love. Two weeks went by before my heart took a turn for the worst. I was rushed to the ER. Ryan was already waiting in my room when I got there. At that moment I flashed back to when we first met when I came in the school to see him waiting by my locker are first kiss the first time he told me he loved me....
"Don’t worry Ashley, I'm right here everything is going to be fine. Your going to make it out of this."
"Ryan be realistic."
"No! your going to be fine I know."
"How can you be so sure?"
"Because I know now just relax."
Later that night I began to quickly go down hill. Ryan left once to go get something to eat besides that he never left my side. He held my hand and whispered calming words in my ear even to this day his voice still sounded so amazing like the first time we met. Later that night the doctors came in the room as if something was about to happen. Ryan bent over and gave me a kiss like he never had before. He told me he loved me and that he would always be with me no matter where I was and that he would always be inside me. He kissed my forehead one more time then left the room. I was confused I tried to ask what was happening but the next thing I knew I was out.
The next day I woke up confused whether I was dead or alive. I opened my eyes I looked around the room to realized I was still in the hospital over joyed to be alive I looked around but I didn’t see Ryan then my mom walked in.
"Honey your awake."
"Mom what happened? Where's Ryan?"
"Mom where is he!"
"Ashley we couldn't find a transplant.. So your donator was Ryan."
"What? No! this isn't happening! Your lying to me."
"Honey calm down you'll raise your blood pressure."
Then the doctors walked in.
"Ashley, we need you to stop and calm down now."
"Let go of me!"
"Fine I'm calm! Now what happened?"
"We couldn’t find a donor and he volunteered we weren't going to let him but he couldn’t stop until he got his wish."
I began to cry "how could you let him do this? I was supposed to die not him he was supposed to live and fall in love again and be happy not me."
"Ashley honey we know me and your father love you and Ryan wanted us to let you know that he did too."
at that moment I thought about what he said before the surgery. He really did love me he would never leave me, he would always be in my heart.

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