Bethany's Story-Not Rapunzal

December 31, 2011
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Once upon a time, a girl had long beautiful hair whose parents trapped her in a tall tower. Now, I know what you're thinking. Hasn't this story already been told before? Yes, it has but this time it's different. See, this time Rapunzal's name is Bethany and her parents didn't actually trap her in a tower. Instead, they placed a strict no dating policy on her head. Personally, Bethany wished she had the tower because that would be easier to escape.

Bethany looked like Rapunzal. She had the long Blonde hair and these gorgeous blue eyes. Oh, and she could sing too. It attracted the attention of many guys, but Bethany always gave them the same answer.

"I'm not allowed to date." she told the eager teenage boys. It became the perfect excuse for her to get out of any unwanted relationships.

However, there was one boy that Bethany wanted more than anything in the world was to say yes to. She secretly hoped he wouldn't ask her so she wouldn't have to turn him down. Unfortunately, for her, this brave, young man named Charlie approached Bethany on an early morning at school. Bethany set her books in her locker as she watched Charlie approach out of the corner of her eyes. He wasn't bad looking. In fact, he was taller than she was and he had gorgeous brown eyes that made Bethany melt. That wasn't why she liked him. He was the smartest guy in school, a hockey star, nice to everybody and funny. He surprised Bethany all the time by countering the general teenage boy stereotype.

Anyways, Charlie walked straight up to Bethany with a twinkle in his gorgeous eyes.

"Good morning, Bethany." he said. She smiled and set one of her books in her locker.

"Hi Charlie. How are you?" she asked nervously. She didn't want this to be heading towards the infamous situation.

"Good. You?" Charlie asked. Bethany smiled at him absentmindedly sinking into his eyes. She snapped herself out of it.

"Great." she said turning back to her locker. She tried to clear her head. It was hard though. Charlie kept coming back to mind.

"Hey, so I was wondering if you wanted to do something this weekend?" Charlie asked. Bethany silently cursed herself for letting this go too far. What was she supposed to tell him? The truth, she decided. She wasn't going to lie to Charlie.

"I would love to Charlie. Honestly, I would but my parents have this strict no dating policy." Bethany managed to squeak out. Charlie looked really disappointed. Like sad puppy dog disappointed.

"I thought that was just something you told the other guys you didn't want to date, but I guess it's actually legit." Charlie said nervously. She knew he was hoping that she wasn't lying and she wasn't.

"I'm really sorry. If it was my choice, I would be saying yes." Bethany said. She shut her locker and turned to face Charlie. He stared at her for a second and then he lit up like a Christmas tree.

"I guess I'm not going to give up then. For your sake." he said. Before, Bethany could protest Charlie walked away with a silly grin on his face.

A few days past before Bethany talked to him again. She felt bad, but whenever she saw Charlie, he smiled at her. He had something planned and Bethany couldn't figure out what it was.

One day, Bethany came home from school to find a strange car in her driveway. She walked inside to see her mom and dad sitting at the kitchen table across from Charlie. Bethany turned the brightest shade of pink she could.

"Hi Charlie. What are you doing here?" Bethany squeaked. Her parents were looking at her with serious expressions.

"Bethany, this young man has come here to ask our permission to take you on a date." her mom said. Bethany was both surprised and impressed. That was the most any guy had ever done for her.

"We said it would be okay with us as long it's okay with you." her dad said. Bethany swallowed hard. She was sure her heart was going to beat its way right out of her chest.

"Yes, I would love too." Bethany said. Charlie beamed and Bethany's parents thankfully left them alone. Her mom gave her a stern look as she walked away.

"Wow." Bethany said as soon as they left. "That was amazing. I can't believe you did that." she grinned. Charlie leaned back in his chair.

"Yeah, that was probably the second scariest thing I've ever done in my entire life." Charlie said. Bethany raised an eyebrow at him.

"Second?" she asked. Charlie chuckled and turned his brown eyes back on her.

"The first was asking you out the first time." he said. Bethany blushed that bright shade of pink again.
"I'm really happy you did that." she said. Charlie grinned and rocked forward. His face was only a few inches from hers and he was staring at her again.
"Me too, so where do you want to go on this hard earned date?" Charlie asked. Bethany thought about it for a second.

"Ice skating." she said. Now, it was Charlie's turn to be confused. He was a star on the hockey team but he had never guessed that Bethany liked to skate.

"You can ice skate?" he asked. She shook her head with a smile.

"No, I want you to reach me." Bethany said. Charlie laughed and agreed. Then, he gave her a date and time for the following weekend and went on his way. Before he left, he swooped down next to Bethany's face and kissed her on the cheek. It was a sweet gesture that made Bethany's stomach flutter. Even after she left, Bethany couldn't stop smiling.

The second Bethany got to the skating rink she realized what a bad idea this was. It was a huge complex, but it was empty. The ice shown threateningly as if it was saying "Hey, I'm gonna make you fall on purpose". Charlie was already there waiting for her. He flashed a boyish grin as he saw her.

"Hey, you ready?" he said eagerly. Bethany could almost feel her heart bursting in her chest. He was so adorable.

"Sure." she said trying not to think about what she got herself into.

Charlie helped her with fitted into her pretty white skates and even led her to the walls of the rink. There was nobody else there and Bethany wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing. Charlie went out in the rink first and skated a few circles gracefully. Bethany hesitated because she didn't want to make a fool of herself. Charlie skated back over to where she was.

"Are you gonna come on or what?" he asked. Bethany smiled sheepishly.

"Can you help me?" she asked. Charlie laughed and offered his hands to her. She took them graciously and he led her out on to the ice. Her knees wobbled beneath her as she slid on to the ice.

"Bend your knees." Charlie said without letting go of her hands. She felt her lower half wobble. Charlie skated slowly dragging Bethany along with him.

"Not bad." he said. Then, a cruel grin crossed his face. Slowly, Bethany felt his hands slip from hers.

"Charlie!" she shrieked. He glided out of her reach and skated smoothly. However, Bethany was wobbling on her skates.

"Come on, Bethany. Catch me." he said. Bethany was barely standing and in no position to be chasing after Charlie. He was her best chance of not falling so she slowly made her way towards him.

Charlie laughed and wouldn't stop moving. Frustrated Bethany managed to stand without falling. He skated up next to her.

"Not bad at all. It's your first time?" Charlie asked. Bethany nodded sheepishly. Charlie took her hands again.

"Shift all of your weight to one side and glide." he said. Bethany did as he asked, but she was stuck in his brown eyes that she lost her balance. She tumbled on to the ice dragging Charlie down with her. There was a loud thud as they hit the ice.

"I'm so sorry." Bethany said with embarrassment. Charlie didn't look mad. In fact, he started laughing again.

"No, that's fine. It's been forever since I fell. Plus, it gives me a chance to do this." Charlie said. With that, he swooped down and kissed her cheek again. All of Bethany's blood rushed to her face as Charlie got back on his feet.

"If you want more, you're going to have to stand back up and catch me." Charlie said. Bethany grinned and rolled on to her knees.

"You are really arrogant." she said. Safely, she set her weight on her toes and stood up without falling. She sighed with relief.

"Yeah, I know. Think of it this way, I got the prettiest girl in school out on the ice of a hockey rink. I'm pretty proud of myself." he said. He was laughing again. Bethany was smiling too. She shifted her weight to one leg and glided along like Charlie said to. It wasn't as hard as it looked. She just needed some motivation.

"You must really want me to kiss you." Charlie said. Bethany was almost three feet from Charlie. He wasn't moving around anymore. She skated right up to and wrapped her arms around him. Her fingers dug into his shoulder with no intention of letting go. He was so warm and he smelled good too.

"Jeez, Bethany. Be careful." he said. He was holding on to her, but she was standing on her own staring at him with her pretty blue eyes.

"Caught ya." Bethany said with a smile. They weren't moving on the ice, just standing there holding each other

"I guess I have to give you your prize then." Charlie said. His head was just inches away from hers. He lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her straight on the mouth. Now, this was not what Bethany was expecting. She thought he was going to kiss her on the cheek again. She was so surprised that she managed to knock both of them over again.

"Jeez Bethany, all I did was kiss you." Charlie said with a wink as Bethany laughed. She hadn't felt this happy in forever. She stood up like a professional and slowly drifted away from Charlie.

"Your turn. Come and catch me." she said with a mischievous grin. Charlie stood up accepting the challenge. They skated for the rest of the afternoon and Bethany felt like her face was frozen in a smile on her way home.

The author's comments:
This was another Chrismas present for my friend. I hope you like it.

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This story is super cute! I really liked it :)


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