A Lesson In Heartbreak: Part 1

December 30, 2011
Drip, drop went the rain as it poured down on top of my soaked head and clothing. I didn't care if I caught the flu or cold I just couldn't stop myself from running with tears in my eyes. Sniffing softly I opened my blood shot eyes and I looked around. I was in middle of the street, soaked and was freaking my a** off. The pounding of my skull hurt like hell because of the fact that I was crying so much and could barley see. Every part of my body was in aching non stop pain all and it's all THEIR fault! I tried to control my loud sobs but it wasn't like anyone could hear me. I thought back to what had happen before, what they did to me, how he betrayed my trust but most of all how she broke my heart.

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