I love you too.

January 3, 2012
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“Hey you,” a deep raspy voice said above me, I knew exactly who it was before I even looked. Dane. My eyes lifted up to his and caught his sea green eyes. He smiled his dimply smile and took a seat next to me. “When does the movie start?” he asked, “um, in 2 minutes,” I replied. The lights started to dim and the movie started.
I could feel the electricity building between us and I would have done anything just to touch his hand that was resting next to me. His tanned shoulders glowed in the misty light and his hair flopped over his eyes, in that really cute way. In the corner of my eye, I saw his hand start to reach toward me and my heart skipped a beat. I started sweating wondering what he would do. What if he tried to hold my hand, my hands are all clammy, he can’t hold my hand! What if he tried to kiss me! My heart beat started rising to my lips and I was as rigid as a bow.
Everything went into slow motion, his hand reached closer and closer, and my heart beat faster and faster. I watched his hand get closer, the hand that I had spent endless nights dreaming about, hoping one day I would be able to entwine my finger between his. But then he started reaching over me and grabbed the popcorn.
My heart fell a thousand feet. “Want some?” he asked, I realized I was holding my breath and took a deep breath and smiled, “thanks.” I grabbed some popcorn and shoved it in my mouth. I could’ve just cried right there, but I held it together. For the rest of the movie, I clenched my fingers underneath my armpits, making sure I didn’t get the nerve to touch his beautiful skin. As the cinema started emptying out, Dane and I got up and started walking toward the exit. “Did you enjoy the movie?” He asked, “Yeah, it was alright,” I replied. I was distracted by his body walking so close to me and the fact that we had to walk home together.

As we walked home, we didn’t talk all that much. But as we neared our houses, he stopped me. “Steph, I gotta tell you something,” Dane said quietly, “okay, here’s the thing... you are the most beautiful, funny, kind and amazing girl I have ever been friends with, so, I’m gonna do something real stupid and stuff that up... I love you... and ... I’ve loved you for a while and I just need to know if we could ever be anything more than friend?” The silence wasn’t awkward, it was... peaceful. I looked down and I could feel myself slowly smiling. I met his beautiful green eyes again and smiled. “I love you too, Dane.” His dimples deepened as he flashed me a wide smile and then he leaned in close. I tilted my head back watched him get closer and closer. His eyes fluttered shut and I let my eye lids fall over my eyes. His lips were soft and gentle and I could feel his hands on my cheeks as he kissed me.
As I lay in bed that night I replayed that moment over and over again in my mind, and the magical moment of the whole scene never left my lips.

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