Dawn's Beginning Chapter 1

December 14, 2011
I heard the sounds of tennis balls being hit on the courts. There were shouts from the members and whistles from the coach. Sweat was on my forehead and I wiped it away with my arm before I hit back the next ball. Why is there practice when it’s so hot? I thought.

Coach Simmons told the team to take a water break and I let out a breath of relief. I got a drink of water and turned around. Wrong move. He was watching me. I froze dead in my tracks. Lucas Pierce.

He was looking at me so intensely. I was surprised didn't’t notice him before. He had such a powerful presence. My gaze locked with his for what seemed like an eternity. My heart was beating so hard and fast, it was a wonder my ribs didn’t crack.

His dark brown hair gleamed in the sun. His skin was a creamy-milky color. When people saw him, they thought he couldn't get any better. They thought wrong. Being an exchange student from England, he had the sexiest accent ever.

His green eyes were looking straight into me, daring me not to look away. But how could I? Even if I wanted to, my body didn’t seem to belong to me. It was so drawn to Lucas that it was amazing how no one ever noticed me staring at him.

“Davison! Did you hear me?! I said you’re still in the match with Madison!” yelled Coach Simmons.

His voice brought me back to earth. I blushed while I put the water down, and walked back to the coach and Sophie.

“Sorry coach.” I mumbled.

“Just try to stay focused,” he said. “We have a big game coming up and we need you more then ever now.”

“I know”

“Good. I’ll let you two get ready. We start in three,” he said as he walked away.

“Are you feeling ok Lilly? You’ve been out of it lately,”
said Sophie. Her expression was considerate. She’s the sweetest thing ever.

I smiled weakly. “Yeah. I’m fine. Thanks, Soph.”

“Sure thing, Lilly. You need anything, just tell me. I won’t stalk you without a reason you know.”

I laughed at the joke. We’ve been neighbors and best friends since we were seven and we’ve followed each other home since I can remember. I slowly glanced back, trying to see if he was still there. He wasn't. I couldn’t drown my disappointment. I tried to focus on starting the match when I heard someone calling me. I turned to see tall guy, with football gear, jogging over.

“Hey Lil!” he said with a huge grin.

"Hey Nick. Football not over yet?"

He groaned. "No. Coach is working us like hell. Especially me.” He glanced up through his long blond bangs and smiled shyly, “It would be better if you were there."

I gave myself a mental kick. He's such a great guy, why can't I like him instead? I answered myself and blushed when I thought about it. Because when I thought of someone holding me and whispering stuff in my ear, he had a British accent.

“Hey, Richardson!” said Matt. “Stop flirting and get your ass over here!”

Nick turned around. “All right, all right, I’m coming!” He sighed and looked back at me “Gotta go,” he said. “See ya later Lil!” he started to stalk off.

“Bye Ni-” I barely got the words out before Sophie tackled me.

“Oooooooooo, he likes you!!!!” said Sophie excitedly.

I rolled my eyes as I walked back to the courts. “Can we focus on the game please?”

“I can, but I’m pretty sure the ‘Deliciousness’ over there is gonna be tripping over his feet cause he can’t stop staring at you”

“Shut up and just serve the ball.”

She smiled. He’s not the ‘Deliciousness’ I want though. I thought. And I’m not the one he wants either. I sat out for the rest of the game.

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