New Girl

January 2, 2012
By KdP62296 SILVER, Henderson, North Carolina
KdP62296 SILVER, Henderson, North Carolina
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I pressed the rim of the glass bottle against my cracked lips. Searing pain ignited along my heavy frown as the flaming liquid trickled slowly from the corners of my mouth. The alcohol rushed down my esophagus with a numbing sensation. The bitter taste sprinted down my tongue and created a flash of flavor that covered the inside of my mouth. After a long guzzle, I swallowed the last bit of drink in the bottle and pulled it away to inhale a breath of freezing air. I took the bottle by the neck and slung it off my apartment building. With all the buzzing cars below me, I knew I wouldn’t hear the glistening sound of the bottle crash against the thick pavement. All I did was watch, leaning over the building, as the bottle spun and plummeted down to earth.

Out of boredom, I turned and started to walk towards the step ladder that would bring me back down to the apartment rooms. My steel-toed boots made faint thuds along the top of the great brick building. As I approached the step ladder, I looked up at the sky and saw nothing. No moon. No stars. Nothing but a navy blue fog in the vast opening above my head. The city lights must take over the beautiful glow of the moon at night. I shake my head in irritation and finally grab the rusty handle bars of the step ladder.
I climb down exactly three steps, when I hear a shrill scream from down below. In shock, I climb back up and peer over the opening to see a silhouette of a woman. Probably some lonely hag trying to escape her annoying children. She reaches out a bleeding hand, most likely the one I just stepped on, and I pull her up. She is bent over looking at her hand; her hair is covering her face so that I cannot see her.
“Um excuse me?” I say, quivering in the January frost. When the woman looks up at me, I am at awe. For one, she is not a woman, but a girl-maybe a year or two younger than me. Her chocolate brown eyes are loathing at me as she stands up. Feeling challenged, I stand up as well- a good six inches taller than her. Something inside of me just burst. I feel it. I don’t like it.
“Oh my God, I’m sorry. I totally didn’t see you. Are you alright?” I suddenly feel myself caring. Again, I don’t like it.
“Do you see me crying? I’m fine dude. Chill.” She said flatly. Her brow furrowed as she looked at me in disbelief. She’s probably thinking I’m an idiot at the moment. She pushes past me and walks over to the edge of the building. She stands with her hands on her hips, looking out at the city scenery.
“Oh well, uh, cool. Bye then.” I scratched my head in confusion and started going down the step ladder. She turned around wildly. Her silky, black hair frayed in the icy wind as I felt her chocolate brown eyes melt into me.
“Get lost.” She said. I took the hint and climbed down the ladder angrily. What’s her problem? I know I stepped on her hand, but jeez. More importantly, I want to know what inside of me just burst open. I feel weird. I do not like it one bit.
After 2 flights of stairs, I come to my floor and find apartment E9: my home. I slide my key into the door and enter my dwelling. It’s pitch black inside so I grab my lighter from inside my jacket and flick it upwards to create a small, luminescent flame. I use this as my light so I can make my way into my room. As I crawl into my bed, I hear something crackle underneath my knee. I pull reach and pull out a small, crumpled picture of the girl I met tonight. I stare at the picture and look deeply into those brown eyes and feel something tingling inside of me. What is this? Why do I feel this way? At that moment, I feel my cold, malevolent heart melting away. I don’t like it.

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