You Are Mine and I Am Yours...

January 2, 2012
By rosepearlauthor BRONZE, Fallon, Nevada
rosepearlauthor BRONZE, Fallon, Nevada
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My heart beats unsteadily as the thoughts grows clearer, stronger as I inhale you. My breath grows shallow and I can’t decide whether you’re up or down. The site behind my eyelid is bright and flashes like a beacon in the darkness that is between us. Though it is dark, it is not cold as heat transfers through you to me. My world spins as I hear you, as I touch you and as you touch me.

You are me and I am you in the hot, breathy world we’ve created. You’re hands in my hair, my hands on your body as slowly, but seemingly too fast, we become one person. My heart aches for more, my lips tremble and my throat goes dry as my thoughts become my actions.

Your lips on mine, our breath intertwined as slowly two separate bodies vanish into the darkness… the hot sticky darkness between you and me. I ache! Everything about me trembles as, soon, my thoughts and actions cannot be told apart. You envelope me in a gossamer that I cannot see through, in a web that I cannot fight and I do not want to.

I am yours and you are mine as we roll in the darkness and, soon, nothing has a purpose but the way our lips fight each other. Nothing but the way your fingers pull at my hair and the way my hands pull you closer to me. Nothing but getting my body closer to yours, making sure nothing is between us. I want us close enough that you can’t tell your heat from mine or me, mine from yours. I want you and nothing else and no matter how close we get, I am not content.

My world fades into a pool of blackness that I cannot crawl from, and I do not want to. In this pool of blackness, all I feel, see, taste, smell, hear… want… is you, and I am finally content, because all I want, all I need is to know that you are mine and that you surround me and I am ours and that I surround you.

My breath slows, and our bodies go motionless. Only our slow breathing to tell us that we are still alive and have not ascended to heaven. The blackness lightens only slightly and I am content. You are mine and I am yours…


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