I could have said no

January 5, 2012
By Anonymous

I could have said no, but when I read your text, an image of your face appeared, and I just
couldn’t help but smile. You asked to come over, just to chill, but my consciences knew other wise. I
could have said, no when you asked to go upstairs, but my heart told me other wise. I wanted to tell you that I knew everything and wasn't going to be apart of your silly games, but when you asked, I couldn’t say no. I could have said no when you started kissing me and telling me you’ve been thinking about me,but the thought of you, thinking of me, made the hairs on the back up my neck stand up and leave goose bumps covering my body. So I went along with it, with my brain telling me other wise. You asked me what I’m thinking about, but I just told you, nothing, when I knew all. I knew you were just using me, I
knew you don’t really like me, I knew it was all a game, and I knew you have a girl friend, but my heart
didn’t care. I wanted to say no, but I spoke with my heart. I wanted to run, but instead I wrapped my legs
around you. I wanted to hit you and fight you and give you bruses that you were giving me in my heart,
but I caressed your sculpted body and soft blonde hair. I was thinking and doing opposite, that’s what
you have over me, like a power. When you left I knew you weren’t going to text back, but I tired
anyways. When I saw you I hoped for a wave, but I got ignored instead. You played me, but I knew it and
let it happen. I could have said no, but silly me.

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