The One

December 28, 2011
OMG!!!! There he is, isn't he so cute? I just wish we would Know each other better. I dont even know him, but i feel like I do in a way. I just feel like he is the one......
The next day she is walking to school and Jose was there. She was so excited, she liked him so much. They knew each other but not tht close. Hey Isabella he said, she said Hi Jose. hat she didnt know was that Jose also liked her but he never showed it. She was getting nervous, but she cooled down and talked to him. He asked her if she wanted to hang out after school. She said yea sure, so after school they went to Jose's house. They were just chilling, then jose leaned in on her and kissed her. She was so surprised but she kissed him back cause she liked him. Then after that jose asked her out, she was so happy. So they went out, but what she didnt know was that jose had another girlfriend already. Jose was cheating on her and isabella hated guys like that. She never found out about it until one of Jose's friends came up to her and told her. She was so pissed off at that time. Just to make sure it was true, she asked his other girlfriend. She said yeah, so then isabella told her what was going on. His girlfriend was so surprised she knew something was going on. The other girl just broke up with him, but isabella wasn't going to let him get of the hook so easily. So she made a plan to do what he did to her. Isabella was a great singer and dancer. She went to a talent school. So she invited Jose one day cause she was going to have a show. She wrote a song to describe all her anger. She also invited some other girls from Jose's school.
The day came to perform she was excited, everyone was here. She then got on the stage and called Jose up to the stage. People were covering the exit, so he couldn't leave. She then started the song. Jose was listening and he heard everything and what she was doing he then tried getting off the stage but he couldn't everyone blocked his way. It was also caught on camera and put on the internet. Jose was so embarrassed and said sorry to Isablella. She didnt accept it, and Jose left.

She was happy that she defended herself and so was everybody else.

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