December 4, 2011
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The night of nights where you see thousands come through that door I remember you as beautiful and direct as always, those mysterious eyes, sweet lips which belonged to the person that will make every moment of my life unforgettable. That night not Drunk but happy to see you, Telling myself that you keep your promise and after all came to the wedding just to see me from a distance. Every swig I take out of my drink I will look into your eyes as if we can communicate through our eyes. When I see you walk up the stair I rush to be with you but then you close the bathroom’s door, I wait patiently outside just to see you again when all of the sudden you crab me and walk me to the room where you kiss me passionately. The most tender and sincere kiss I had ever felt in my life. And then Hugh me so hard like saying bye, not wanting to let go and I hug equally madly in love, wanting to touch your beautiful face, and careless touch your body, feel your fragrance. You suddenly turn away saying “I have to go”. When I hear every step you take down the stairs I felt my face and tears were falling down my cheeks, I loved you but you were just so unreal. That night after that hug I realize that, I loved so much. I used to have my future plan with you but that night you made me realizes that you have plans on your own. After that night I felt that I would never see you again, I never had you to myself and yet I lost you. You were my platonic love, you took my happiness. And here I am still thinking of you, asking myself if this was all just a dream, or if you really exist. Was I living on a dream, a dream that felt so real or was it true?

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