Party Girl

December 4, 2011
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Music pounds through me, filling my nose and throat. I struggle for air while the bass drum thrums with my pulse. I'm drowning in the sound. When I close my eyes bright dots swirl before them so they stay open, Eddies of people flow past, each headed their seperate ways. I'm the victim of countless sharp elbows, stray handbags, and clumsy feet even after tucking myself into the most inconspicuous corner I can't find. God, I hate crowds.
Somehow he finds me, a lone wolf edging through the crowd, so intent on his objective that he doesn't even notice how the people step aside as he slips through. He is above it all, managing to evade the crushing crowds. Powerful, yet humble in his utter obliviousness.
I allow him into my corner, revelling in his closeness. The first words that I can catch over the blaring music are, "god, I hate crowds." I watch him watch the smile that illuminates my pallid face. "Come on, let's get some air", he snatches up my hand and pulls me tenderly through the gym, towards the doors. He'd be fine staying in here but it's me he thinks of now.
The pressure of his calloused hand around mine is so steady, and all my distracted mind can think is that it's a very good thing mine is not sweating now as it usually does. I had the foresight to dry it in the azure folds of my dress a few moments before he reached me.
The double doors grow closer and as they do my shyness begins to atrophy rapidly. Everything else falls away and we're alone now, pushing the doors open and stepping out into the night beyond. I draw in a huge breath, the first full one all night. He pulls me around to face him. Right before we lean in for the kiss I notice the pearlescent moonlight hitting his face in such a way that it seems as if he's glowing.

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Zxarra said...
Jan. 8, 2012 at 11:52 am
This is the author. Sorry about the &qout; around the dialogue. I'm not sure why that happened but they are in place of the qotation marks that I originally typed. I think it might be a problem with how TeenInk posted it or something.
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